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Beekast’s interactive activities and features let your teams collaborate fully in videoconference meetings!

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in 3 steps


Prepare your meetings by integrating slides and interactive activities, then add your videoconference


Get your team together in Beekast to collaborate, co-create and generate ideas, whether you’re on-site or remote


Take decisions, follow up on action items and keep track of all your discussions

Simple features for effective videoconferences

15 interactive activities

Brainstorming, Word cloud, Survey, MCQ, Matrix, Prioritisation, Selfie wall and more

Scroll through slides live or on demand

Activities and slides can be controlled by the facilitator or the participant

Create and track your action plans

Collectively outline actions and decisions while you’re having discussions

Auto report

All information and decisions taken are recorded in an automatic report

Beekast can be integrated with your tools!

From videoconferencing to your business tools

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Over 2 million users and over 1,500 companies love using Beekast.

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