Training and education

Managing a training course with an educational and didactic tool

Add value by using collective intelligence. Beekast makes it possible. Beekast is a user-friendly tool that helps to manage dynamic training. It enhances public participation and educational innovation. Using a training tool also means creating a customized learning system adapted to the new needs of companies and learners, on-site or at a distance.

Here are some tips that will help you better understand the advantages of an educational tool like Beekast. And above all, you can practise these case studies of training session management.


Beekast is free for up to 3 participants

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Interaction: Encouraging collaboration and discussions
Beekast is a training tool with the learner at the heart of the approach.
Learning opportunities are generated. Beekast is a real platform for learners. They can discuss specific topics, assess themselves, compare their results thanks to the educational activities such as the message wall, brainstorming tools, surveys and online quizzes.

Engagement: a fun collaboration with gamification
Beekast adds games to the learning time and makes your approach dynamic and engaging. This contributes to long-term commitment to learning. Team competitions and games are a good way to vary learning approaches and monitor a class.

Efficiency: save time
Satisfaction surveys, test results, participation rate, and so on, this data can be downloaded and shared with your learners in a few clicks. Beekast is a real assistant during your facilitation, your training will be simply run and more productive.

Productivity: increase value
Improve your teaching modules with Beekast by simplifying the management, facilitation and your training follow-ups. The activities increase collaborations, discussions and promote collective intelligence for better learning.

Effectiveness:monitor learning
Beekast, an educational tool, records your learners’ answers. In real time, you can comment on certain answers and adapt your contribution. You can set a personalized and encrypted monitoring of your learners thanks to the generated report.

How to facilitate a training session with Beekast?


Organize your training session

At this stage, Beekast helps you to create a set of useful educational resources accessible to the learners: agenda, files and hypertext links, and so on. All information is centralized and accessible to your learners.


Manage your training

Through Beekast activities, your attendees learn by doing and discovering new concepts. Offer collaborative case studies and cross-cutting activities to validate achievements and improve learning. Your training will be dynamic and co-productive.


Assess your learners and your training

The assessment activities (MCQ, Ranking and Challenge) enable to assess your learners’ skill improvement. In the same way, create a Rating activity to get feedback from your learners to propose adapted solutions according to the results.