Speedboat: a metaphor to help your team achieve its objectives

Description :

  • Brainstorming
  • Decision making

To encourage discussion and generate ideas to achieve the objectives set for your team, hop into the speedboat! This innovation game is very easy to set up within your company, and readily adapts to any project.

Working with a boat analogy, participants explore what helps a team to advance toward its objectives, and what slows it down. This highly accessible approach encourages the group to explicitly identify the project’s strengths and weaknesses.

The agile speedboat can be used at any point in your project’s life cycle: to highlight the objectives you need to achieve, to review your progress, for a final assessment, or to help drive remote brainstorming sessions. The speedboat promotes continuous improvement, making it a popular tool for agile retrospectives.

Regularly used by scrum masters in the agile methodology, the speedboat method is now accessible to everyone thanks to the Metaphor activity from Beekast.

Benefits of Speedboat workshops with Beekast

You don’t need to be a professional coach or facilitator to lead a speedboat workshop: Beekast’s model makes it easy to run a real team problem-solving session, from initial brainstorming to an action plan, for any project in any sector.

This innovation game is accessible to everyone, so even the most introverted employees will be able to express their opinions and contribute to the team effort.

Use our digital speedboat model to guide your continuous improvement sessions, and review the content in an automatic report. No more transcribing endless piles of sticky notes — you’ll find all the information you need about the activity right in Beekast.

With our new Metaphor activity and the speedboat model, your team can look forward to a rising tide of success.

Try it free at your next workshop.