Inspire your audience with Beekast event application

Engage your audience at your event, it is very simple with Beekast event application. Sometimes, people don’t contribute publicly due to shyness or fear of embarresment. Beekast is a very intuitive event tool that allows you to create interaction with your audience and engage them strongly.

Here are some tips that will help you better understand how to make your event collaborative with Beekast. And above all, you can practice case studies for organizing your event.


Beekast is free for up to 3 participants

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Engagement of your participants: it is very easy to engage your audience  and discuss key topics. You can ask for their points, challenge them, make them play, discuss at any time and capture their attention continuously.

Interaction with the audience: whatever the size of your audience, collect their questions and feedback, and then display them in real time on a wall of messages or a social Wall. Perfect to create real discussions for the most shy and a real interaction with the speaker.

Intuitive: Beekast is friendly-user event application developed for speakers and participants.

Customizable: Beekast is fully customizable. Select your own colors and add your logo in a few clicks and create inspiring moments.

Evaluate your ROI: Analyze the engagement at your event through relevant metrics and clearly measure your return on investment.

Increasing engagement during your event?


Organize your event

The Beekast is skillful and implement practical information necessary to conduct your event smoothly: agenda, list of speakers, partners, sponsors, exhibitors and so on. Each participant can complete an individual profile and access the participation list.


Facilitate Your Event

Use Beekast activities to find the right tempo during your presentation, grab attention, and engage your audience. Highlight trends and discuss a topic with the word cloud. Enhance the sense of belonging with the Survey. Stimulate with the Challenge.


At the end of your event

It’s time to ask your participants to evaluate your event with a quickly-made form. Announce it and launch it immediately for more participation. You will then be able to download the report and measure the event ROI very rapidly.