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Enlivening workshops and ensuring continuity in remote customer relations

Intuitive as well as interactive, Beekast also adds a modern twist to APEC’s workshops
Christine Le Naour HR Consultant

APEC, the Association for the Employment of Executives, has two missions : to help companies with recruitment and to support executives in their career goals. In addition to these missions, APEC annually publishes some 50 studies on major trends in executive employment.

Christine Le Naour plays a dual role: she is a business relations consultant and is involved in the APEC Consulting Network by helping consultants to adopt new tools.

To make dialogue with clients easier and to add an innovative and digital twist to the workshops, APEC turned to Beekast.

APEC and Beekast: the goals ?

  • Build a group dynamic
  • Enrich the client experience
  • Simplify teleworking

Build a group dynamic

Break the ice during workshops with executives

APEC consultants provide support to executives in their career goals, from their integration and throughout their professional lives. For this purpose, very practical workshops have been set up. To grab attention and engage the audience from the outset, consultants run a word cloud, quiz or survey. This opens up a chance for discussion and a group dynamic can take shape among the executives.

Encourage discussion with companies

APEC also organises interactive workshops with the companies it supports. Using the metaphor activity, they may be asked to think about the pros and cons of setting up career interviews. Beekast’s activities get everyone participating !

Enrich the client experience

Breakfasts, HR breakfast meetings and information meetings: APEC organises all sorts of events. To enhance discussions and firmly anchor learning, various Beekast activities are introduced at the right time.

As participants, clients appreciate the playful side of Beekast, which creates a friendly atmosphere during interactions with APEC. It’s user-friendliness is another strength : just type 4 characters to log in!

Simplify teleworking

In this unique context linked to Covid-19, APEC has been able to demonstrate its flexibility in enabling its clients to benefit from remote consulting services. Beekast’s word cloud is used to overcome the limits of screen-based communication and prioritisation is used to collect information from clients. In this way, discussions with clients are held and revitalised with Beekast.

By strengthening online communication, improving interaction in workshops and developing a solid customer experience in the spirit of the times, Beekast contributes to APEC’s digital transformation and satisfies the need for effective customer relations.

Key figures
Founding 1966
Employees 900
Offers published daily 70 000
Companies advised yearly 40 000
The Beekast edge

"Our clients have an easier time speaking up with Beekast"

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