Better approach your audience with the interactive Survey activity

Description :

  • Feedback

Collect your audience’s feedback with the survey in real time, and enjoy its interactive visual rendering. Your participants cast their vote online with their smartphone via Beekast, the mobile web application or via SMS. No more logistics, it’s very simple and rapid.

Create your survey and select between a unique choice or a multiple choice question. Allow your respondents to tick one or more choices. An image can be attached to illustrate each choice and facilitate understanding. You can choose to display the count of respondents in real time, and to start the stopwatch to give rhythm to your survey.

Get the results of the survey in real time. Select either the histogram, the pie chart or the donut to display the results of your interactive poll. This display can be changed at any time. It’s up to you to display the results live or release them at the end of your dynamic slideshow.


By getting your participants’ feedback, the survey instantly helps you make decisions easily. In a few minutes, you get a trend that justifies your choices or can help you reorganize them.

The interactive vote is ideal to initiate discussions. All participants have a chance to speak, expressing their ideas and their feelings freely. You can measure their engagement before starting your own contribution.

Before and after your session, run a survey in real time to know the extent to which participants feel valued and involved. This can also help you be aware of their level of knowledge on a specific topic.

Run the interactive vote to set the prerequisites for your training or workshop and adapt your next meetings or training module.