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Use IDA to Track Meeting Action Items and Decisions

Often the simplest project management tools are the best. The IDA framework is one of these. An IDA helps all project stakeholders monitor the action items created and the decisions made during a meeting.

Defining the project IDA

IDA stands for Information–Decision–Action. It’s a project management tool that organises the various information shared during a meeting in one document. This information is the starting point for decisions to be made as a team and action items to complete.

An IDA is usually formatted as a table where project stakeholders can easily see the ongoing or future tasks that will move the project along. These action items are assigned to one of the project stakeholders and given a deadline.

With an IDA, the decision-making process can be viewed by all participants so everyone has the same level of information. They can monitor decisions and actions taken at any time.

Sample project IDA

Concretely, an IDA lists:

  • Information: a factual element shared with the entire team that forms the starting point for reflections
  • Decision: the decisions taken to move the project along
  • Action: the tasks to be completed to arrive at the result

IDA project

Taking Advantage of IDA’s Benefits

IDA is a simple tool to set up (usually in an Excel file). It provides a framework for tracking a project and recording decisions taken in meetings. This shared tool is great for collaborative work because it facilitates information sharing and makes sure nothing gets missed. Anyone can review it at any time. Without a doubt, IDA will help your team be more effective.

IDA notes: a post-meeting tool

IDA is a very effective tool when a team’s project manager uses it to record notes from a project meeting. It also works well as a document participants can use during a meeting to note down information shared, as well as action items and decisions taken during that meeting. IDA meeting notes help the team keep track of all the information that comes out of a meeting so that it’s easily accessible until the end of the project.

Complementing IDA with the RACI Matrix

The IDA framework is a tool that works well with a matrix that project managers and other leaders know well: the RACI. It’s an acronym for:

  • R: Responsible
  • A: Accountable
  • C: Consulted
  • I: Informed

This matrix is an operational tool that identifies the roles and responsibilities of each project stakeholder. The goal is to make the team more productive and efficient by concretely cataloguing each person’s tasks.

Using Beekast to Easily Make Group Decisions

With Beekast, IDA becomes a given at all your meetings. Using the Actions/Decisions feature, you can record your decisions and actions with a single click in the Beekast discussion thread and assign them to your team members. The meeting notes generated automatically after your meetings will help you be more effective.

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