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Make your action plans in Beekast

Taking collective decisions in team meetings: sounds obvious, right? But when there are lots of meetings to get through, many of them end without a clear plan of action. Introducing Beekast’s Actions & Decisions feature to help you take collaborative decisions.

Taking decisions and recording action items in Beekast

Create your action plan

Use the Actions/Decisions feature to publish action items and decisions in the Beekast discussion thread and during brainstorming activities!

The goal? Enable teams to create an action plan so they can effectively manage projects between meetings.

→ Tip: choose a note taker at the beginning of the meeting. Their role will be to record the action items and decisions in Beekast as the meeting progresses.

To do this, the note taker or other participants can add a new type of message to the discussion thread in Beekast.

  • publish an action item, assign it to the person responsible and set the deadline, priority and status
  • publish a decision and who made it

During Board and Metaphor brainstorming activities, participants will be able to turn an idea into an Action or a Decision.

Visit our help centre to learn how to activate the feature >>>

Share and follow your action plan

Simply share the action plan summary with all your participants so that they don’t forget the action items and decisions taken. All these action items and decisions can also be viewed in the automatic report Beekast generates. Sharing these items will help your team complete the project properly, avoid wasted time and stay focused on all the goals that need to be accomplished.

To make it easier to track and complete action items, each participant who’s assigned a task will get an email from Beekast to remind them about the due date.

Make it easier to take actions and make decisions as a group

There are lots of reasons that can prevent a team from making a group decision:

  • A lack of consensus or leadership among participants
  • Pressure and influence from the group
  • Organisational problems (‘What are the goals of this meeting?’)
  • Difficulties for the manager in reconciling collective intelligence and individual decision-making

These are just a few of the constraints that teams often encounter.

With Actions & Decisions, Beekast provides the manager and the whole team with a solution to these challenges.

The manager’s role in taking decisions

Mastering the art of taking decisions is one of the most important skills expected of a manager. As a facilitator of collective decisions, the manager is expected to bring out the best in everyone, encourage debate, and guide the group toward a common agreement.

Yet when it’s time to choose a specific path, managers can run into all kinds of difficulties. Should they decide on their own and take a leadership role on certain points, or should they continue to promote collective intelligence? It’s becoming more and more complicated to arrive at important decisions. Especially when you add in the constraints that come with accelerating cycles: the faster those cycles become, the greater the need to decide quickly to keep moving forward.

Another factor is the number of participants in meetings and workshops: the more people there are, the more complicated it is to come to a consensus so that everyone is on board to put the group’s decisions into action.

Beekast promotes interactivity to make meetings more effective. The range of activities offered through our platform helps teams to take decisions collaboratively and define action plans. And now, the Actions/Decisions feature lets you record them.

Log in to Beekast now to test this new feature at your next meeting.