Captivating interventions with an integrated video conferencing solution

Description :


Remote meetings often turn into unproductive and disorganized conference calls. Participants’ contributions become complex because of numerous interruptions during speaking. Lack of knowledge of existing technologies and budget restrictions don’t help companies to get involved in remote work.

However, collaborative solutions such as Beekast make it easy to manage your meetings on-site or remotely and to organize adapted activities for your meeting. Gather in audio and video up to 50 participants with the integrated video conferencing solution. Create real and fluent discussions with your audience and grasp their attention.

Videoconferencing Prerequisites

For a better use of the Beekast video conferencing solution, make sure that this option is part of your subscription, and that you have a webcam and/or a microphone. It is recommended to use the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox or Safari. The video conferencing solution is limited to 50 participants, simultaneously connected. If your subscription allows you to connect more than 50 participants, those who will not be allowed to join the video conferencing can still follow your session and all the started activities. Only limit: only one video conferencing session is possible at a time.

Is there a difference between the video conferencing solution and Beekast?

All-in-One: The video conferencing solution is integrated with Beekast. All the interactive activities of Beekast (the Wordle, Survey, Board, Challenge, and so on.) will be available, as well as video sharing. Beekast makes the session facilitation easier during your on-site and remote meetings.

Share your meeting report

The automated report helps you to be more productive during your interventions on-site but even more remotely. At the end of your meeting, share information in real time with your team, regardless of their geolocation. It is quick and easy!