Video conferencing : run productive and interactive meetings

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Too many video conference meetings fall into the trap of meetingitis.

Remember the last video conference meeting that was productive? The one that followed the agenda, met the objective and was interactive without anyone talking over the others? And one that ended with a clear action plan and deadlines?

Put a stop to rambling video conferences that last hours with Beekast. Transform them into interactive, productive and engaging meetings.

Boost your video conferences

Our meeting tool lets you add structure to your remote meetings, give your employees a chance to speak, facilitate interactions and take decisions.

You’re already using a video conferencing tool. Connect it or use it during your remote meetings with Beekast, at no extra cost.

Result: you create connections with all your employees through video conference meetings that are fast, engaging and effective.

How to do a video conference with Beekast

Beekast connects with the best video conferencing tools on the market: Teams, Zoom and Jitsi. It’s also compatible with Google Meet, Skype and Webex.

This lets you combine the benefits of video conferencing with Beekast’s interactive activities.

All you have to do is connect your favourite video conferencing tools with our collaborative tool to become a pro at leading remote meetings.