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Your teleworking survival kit for 2021

Since the new year is a time for making resolutions, Beekast is offering a teleworking survival kit to help you through 2021 and beyond!

Learn more about our survival kit over the next few days. Stay connected on LinkedIn!

The entire Beekast team wishes you a wonderful 2021, full of energy and collaboration.


1. Thou shalt take time for yourself in 2021

Image : teleworking survival kit 2021 - take time for yourself One advantage of working from home is that you don’t have to waste your energy on your commute! Try turning that extra time into quality time for yourself. Although it’s tempting to stay under the covers just that much longer, wouldn’t it be better to put that time to good use?

To break out of the sedentary lifestyle that can quickly set in when teleworking, try replacing your commute with a yoga session at home or in a nearby park when the weather is nice. Our Customer Manager, Fanny, recommends the “Yoga for Beginners” app if you’re new to yoga.

Making time for yourself before work is good, but taking a break during the day is easy and just as effective! There’s nothing worse for mind and body than sitting in a chair for hours on end. We should know: Marie-Laure, one of our Beeks, had a pinched a nerve in her neck from sitting too long. So if you want to avoid a trip to the chiropractor, get up and get moving! Turn your break into a complete ritual: take the time to breathe, grab a drink, stretch and try out new techniques like cardiac coherence or a power nap. Culture is just a click away! Listen to new artists or catch a concert available through CulturaBox or Arte Concert… There are a million ways to avoid burning out!


2. Thou shalt care for your pets in 2021

Image : teleworking survival kit 2021 - Thou shalt care for your pets in 2021 They got on your nerves during lockdown, when you thought you would enjoy spending so much quality time together, didn’t they? I’m talking about those you love most: your children and, of course, your pets!

Even though for many of you, your children have gone back to school, some are still at home. So, how can you make most of this new organisation?

Simply by spending time with them without interrupting your work. Take advantage of the time you’re not spending on your commute to spend quality time with your family.

For a fun way to ease into the day, turn on some music and dance your way to the shower to wake up together. For quiet time that will help your children expand their imaginations, listen to a podcast with the adventures of Asterix or Les Dents et Dodo to spend 3 minutes learning.

In the afternoon or the evening, explore the world from the comfort of your sofa. Museums are a great way to soak up some culture together. Take a virtual tour of the Louvre and the British Museum, or catch up on episodes of Arte’s series “Tu Mourras Moins Bête”.

As for your pets, if they’re always popping up to strut their stuff in front of the camera, like Hélène’s cat (our Support and Quality expert. Hélène, not the cat!), that’s their way of telling you they need some attention. Spoil them with cuddles and they’ll be the happiest pet in the world!


3. Thou shalt have fun with your colleagues in 2021

Image : teleworking survival kit 2021 - Thou shalt have fun with your colleagues in 2021

Video conferencing is a fantastic tool for teleworking. But it does have its limits and it’s no substitute for the physical experience of your colleagues’ presence and the atmosphere in the office. It’s important to stay in contact. Create a fun ritual to help your team bond today!

At Beekast, we keep things simple yet effective. Our morning ritual takes place on Beekast during our Daily meetings. There’s a virtual coffee machine for those who want to say hi to their friends in other teams. Some things we really love: playing online Pictionary on Skriblle and the musical quiz during cocktail hour!

Lots of companies are coming up with innovative solutions, like Qonto, an online bank that uses “Slack challenges” to keep everyone on their toes. The concept is simple: contests on a variety of topics, like guessing the names of sixty or so film titles written in emojis! Messika has been holding virtual lunches. Someone was bound to think of that! So, ready to take the plunge?


4. Thou shalt get in shape in 2021

Image : teleworking survival kit 2021 - Thou shalt get in shape in 2021 Pyjamas, crisps, Coke… Been there, done that… At Beekast, we downed dozens of jars of honey in 2020, it’s true. It was fun to begin with, having snacks at arm’s reach and being able to stuff yourself without anyone knowing (or not). But then our scales brought us back down to earth, and a certain uneasiness, or even discomfort, set in! So if you’re like us and have decided that in 2021, you’re done with the bed-to-desk commute, here’s some advice.

To stay in shape, you need to exercise and eat right. Use the time you save by teleworking to set up a real exercise routine.

At Beekast, Marie-Laure, our Marketing Manager, inspired us all by jumping rope every day. She even challenged her team to try to beat her! If you have a little more free time, try out exercise classes at home: there’s something for everyone. We’ve heard good things about FizzUp, a fitness training app that offers some content for free. Moving your body releases endorphins, which means exercise is a natural way to feel good every day!

Apparently, more than a few people discovered a passion for cooking during the first lockdown!  Sophie, our accountant, shares her recipe for bread without using a bread machine. As for nutrition, we won’t give you any lessons. Cook for yourself, making food you enjoy, and be proud of what you’ve created.

So, what will your next challenge be? Share your culinary and fitness resolutions or advice for the new year with us.


5. Thou shalt have more freedom in 2021

Image : teleworking survival kit 2021 - Thou shalt have more freedom in 2021 Mandatory teleworking was a radical change for many people. You may love it or hate it, but everybody’s sure to have an opinion about it. Some see it as a new kind of freedom that opens the door to new possibilities: now it’s easier to work from anywhere and be in charge of your own schedule! So, how do you adapt? What will you do with all this freedom?

At Beekast, our team is doing a little bit of everything. Some dream of a house in the countryside, while others are enjoying a family home in the mountains or by the seaside. It’s a great way to get some perspective. For those who love their homes just as they are, it’s a chance to tackle new challenges, things that would usually require too much energy due to a lack of time. Have you ever thought about taking a training course to improve your skills? Or making one of your dreams come true, like learning how to brew and sell beer just for fun?

Here at Beekast, Fanny, our Customer Manager, has taken up reading. Her current recommendations include The Nickel Boys, by Colson Whitehead (winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction) and L’Anomalie by Hervé le Tellier (winner of the 2020 Prix Goncourt). Other Beeks admit they’re using their extra freedom to relax, without any specific goals. And that’s great, too!

Florian, our Fullstack JS developer, has been catching up on Samuel Etienne’s (Julien Lepers’ successor) press review on Twitch. Julie, our Digital Marketing Manager, has been testing recipes from Cyril Lignac during her Lives.


6. Thou shalt hold effective meetings in 2021

Image : teleworking survival kit 2021 - Thou shalt hold effective meetings in 2021 What do you want to accomplish in 2021?

Those who started teleworking in 2020 have pointed out problems that often occur with remote meetings: they’re too long, too boring, and it’s sometimes hard to juggle all the different tools available.

So, what do you say we replace bad habits with good ones in 2021?

For Beekast, an effective remote meeting in 2021 is:

  • A meeting that’s prepared: participants invited ahead of time, the meeting is organised, etc.
  • An agenda that’s shared in advance and followed, with clearly defined meeting goals
  • A video conference that’s integrated into your meeting tool (like on Beekast, for example)
  • Slides with concise and effective content for more impact!
  • Interactive activities to encourage collaboration
  • An action plan and meeting notes at the end so that everyone’s clear on the next steps to be taken.

For video conferences that are more effective, collaborative and creative, get inspired by our ready-to-use templates and read our best tips on our blog!

The entire Beekast team wishes you a happy and healthy 2021 that’s positive, constructive and full of collaboration!


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