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5 best moments to create a collaborative word cloud

Working on a collaborative word cloud can be useful in many situations, like focusing an audience on a common topic, gathering data from a team or just creating a relaxed atmosphere.

Creating a collaborative word cloud

A word cloud is the perfect activity when you want ideas to appear in real time. There are tons of opportunities to use it in meetings, training sessions, workshops and presentations. Here are five times when a team might want to make a word cloud.

1. Before starting a meeting

Leading a meeting with multiple departments where people don’t know each other? Has everyone just come back to the office after a long weekend? You’ll want to break the ice to start off on the right foot and get all the participants on board for an effective meeting. It’s a low-pressure opportunity for participants to anonymously express themselves and a good way to take the temperature of the room before getting into more serious topics.

2. During a debate

It isn’t easy to gather opinions from a big group, especially when the topic is sensitive. Words generated for the cloud can help the facilitator react and gauge the general opinion in real time so they can move the debate along smoothly. It’s an effective way to get out of long, heated debates.

3. When inspiration fails

Have participants run out of new ideas while brainstorming or do they feel too timid to participate? The word cloud is anonymous, so it’s perfect for generating new ideas in just a few seconds. The facilitator can react as ideas appear in real time and trends start showing up.

4. When attention starts fading in an auditorium

Presenters in an auditorium often start losing people’s attention after 30 minutes. When that happens, inviting the audience to participate can bring them back to the presentation. Ask listeners a specific question and invite them to respond with a word that will appear on the cloud in real time.

5. When asking a question to identify a general trend

Need opinions from multiple people on a particular topic? Gathering opinions from a group will generate a well-developed word cloud. If identical words are submitted, a trend shows up visually.

creating word clouds

Beekast: your solution for creating word clouds

Beekast’s Word Cloud activity was designed to work in all situations. No one needs to be an expert: participants and facilitators alike will find the word generator easy to use. Perfect for involving timid people and those who are resistant to technology, Beekast’s word cloud activity allows everyone to share their input and promotes collaboration among members of a team and external stakeholders.

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