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Beekast and Crosstalent: Uniting for an Empowering Employee Experience!

In a context where digital transformation is impacting all sectors of activity, companies are constantly seeking innovative solutions to optimize their human resources management. The acquisition of Beekast and Crosstalent by represents a major step in this quest for efficiency. These two complementary solutions now offer a powerful synergy to meet the HR needs of companies.

Beekast and Crosstalent: two innovative solutions to optimize talent management and corporate training.

Beekast: A successful employee experience!

Beekast is an interactive collaboration platform that allows you to facilitate more interactive and effective meetings, training sessions, and events. With its easy-to-use features and a wide range of activities, Beekast streamlines certain HR processes:


Onboarding is a crucial step in integrating new employees into the company. Beekast offers an immersive and interactive approach to facilitate this transition. HR managers can create engaging onboarding sessions using activities such as real-time surveys and interactive quizzes. This approach promotes the engagement of new employees, accelerates their integration, and helps them quickly feel comfortable within the organization.

Employee Engagement:

Quality of life and working conditions (QWLC) as well as employee engagement are major challenges for companies. Through anonymous surveys, HR managers can gather feedback from employees in real-time. The obtained results enable more informed decision-making to ensure employee well-being.

Annual one-on-one:

We all have to go through this stage! Annual reviews are a key step in human resources management. Beekast simplifies this process by offering ready-to-use templates such as “HR 360”: a personalized questionnaire that facilitates exchanges between managers and employees. This interactive approach streamlines annual reviews, improves communication, and strengthens goal alignment.

Crosstalent: Integrated Human Capital Management

Crosstalent, on the other hand, positions itself as an expert in human capital management. Its comprehensive and scalable solution covers the entire HR lifecycle, from talent management to performance tracking, training, and professional development. With its specialized interface, Crosstalent simplifies HR processes, enabling companies to gain efficiency and optimize their human capital management.

Crosstalent offers a multitude of additional features to meet specific HR management needs of businesses:

Time and Activity Management:

Crosstalent simplifies the management of employee work hours, leaves, and activities. HR managers can effectively track working hours, plan leaves, and optimize resource allocation based on operational needs.

Talent Management:

Talent management is crucial for identifying, developing, and retaining top employees. Crosstalent offers advanced features for tracking individual and team performance, internal mobility, training planning, succession planning, and career management.

Social Relations:

Crosstalent, through its Social Relations application, organizes the provision of social and economic information that must be made available to employee representatives as part of the BDESE (Social and Economic Database).

Training Needs Management:

Continuous training is essential for the professional development of your employees. Crosstalent allows you to manage training needs, schedule and track training sessions, and evaluate the impact of these programs on employees’ skills.

Complementary Capabilities to Leverage!

The integration of Beekast and Crosstalent creates a powerful synergy by combining Beekast’s collaborative approach with Crosstalent’s integrated human resources process management.

In a constantly evolving professional world, talent management and employee training are major challenges for companies. Therefore, well-utilized technological tools can have a significant impact on the efficiency of internal processes and overall productivity of the company.

To provide an exceptional experience to their respective communities, Beekast and Crosstalent join forces in creating innovative content. By combining their expertise, these two solutions are committed to meeting the specific needs of HR professionals by offering advice and solutions through co-creating resources.

According to Carine Perdrigé, the Marketing Manager at Crosstalent, “The integration of Beekast and Crosstalent is a unique opportunity for companies to reinvent their approach to human resources management. By combining our expertise, we offer an immersive and personalized experience, placing humans at the heart of our concerns.

This collaboration promises to unleash the full potential of HRs…
Don’t hesitate any longer! Discover these two solutions now and empower your team to thrive by adopting powerful tools tailored to their needs.


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