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Get everyone’s input and encourage collaboration

Beekast allows everyone to give their point of view and share ideas
Karine Stavrevitch Training Manager at MACSF

MACSF is a mutual insurance company for healthcare professionals. It protects and supports more than one million members in all medical and paramedical specialisms.

Karine Stavrevitch, MACSF’s Training Manager tells us all about the company’s varied use of Beekast. She explains how Beekast helps MACSF get everyone’s input and helps teams work together better. 

MACSF & Beekast : the goals ?

  • Give all employees a chance to speak and develop collective intelligence 
  • Ensure ideas are gathered and projects are shared more easily
  • Encourage collaborative work and uncover constructive disagreements
  • Have a user-friendly, intuitive and fun tool available for meetings

The stakes for MACSF

MACSF cares about its employees’ opinions and, as a company that gives its employees responsibilities, wants everyone to be able to express themselves and give their point of view. That’s why encouraging autonomy, constructive disagreements and decision-making abilities has become strategic. 

Whether remote or in-person, collective intelligence and co-construction play a key role in the efficacy and success of the company’s projects. Having a tool that is both simple and interactive has proven to be essential in order to boost ideation and employee engagement.

MACSF turned to Beekast to meet all of its needs. 

Using Beekast

  • Team meetings
  • Sales challenges
  • Technical/sales workshops
  • Training sessions
  • Weekly recaps
  • Brainstorming
  • Online or in-person
  • Real-time or on-demand

The advantages of Beekast

To sum up, Beekast helped MACSF respond to a whole range of strategic issues. Challenges linked to getting everyone’s input, discussions and decision-making are made easier thanks to this simple and fun tool. This intuitive solution adds a new dimension to collective intelligence, teamwork, exchanges and brainstorming.

Key figures
Creation 1935
Employees 1600
Clients and members Over 1 million
The Beekast edge

“Thanks to Beekast, there’s better communication, better collaboration, and ideas and projects can be shared more easily”

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