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Zoom and Beekast: An Even More Powerful Integration for Successful Remote Meetings

Zoom is one of the most widely used video conferencing tools in the professional world. With the latest update to the Beekast application, users can now enjoy a more interactive and productive meeting experience.

In this article, discover the benefits of the Beekast-Zoom integration and how to use it to facilitate remote collaboration for all your teams.

Make remote teamwork easier for your teams!

The Beekast integration with Zoom offers users a multitude of possibilities: brainstorming sessions, presentations, online training, creative workshops, and even live events.

With simplified and seamless navigation, users can easily share their work on Beekast in real-time with all participants in the Zoom meeting, no matter where they are in the world.

Beekast’s interactive activities enable participants to work together more smoothly and efficiently, exchanging ideas, sharing information, and creating solutions in real time.

Access your favorite features more easily:

The Beekast-Zoom integration allows users to use all of Beekast’s flagship features: discussion space, voting, action and decision-making, categories… everything you need to enhance interaction and real-time collaboration during remote meetings!

How to use Beekast with Zoom:

To use the Beekast-Zoom integration, add the Beekast application to your Zoom account. To do this, go to the Zoom website and install the Beekast application. Once installed, the Beekast application can be added to any Zoom meeting with a single click.

In a Zoom meeting, access the Beekast application by clicking on the application icon in the Zoom menu bar.

Once the Beekast application is open, open your Beekast session to work together on your projects and tasks in real time! With the Beekast-Zoom integration, you can enjoy the power of Beekast without leaving your Zoom meeting.

This version of the Beekast-Zoom integration allows users to benefit from an enhanced collaboration experience during their online meetings. Through the powerful activities and features of the solution, it is easier than ever to keep participants involved and engaged throughout the meeting!

Need help starting a Beekast meeting in Zoom? Check out our support article on the subject:
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