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Your 100% collaborative Advent Calendar

Take advantage of the days leading up to Christmas to discover 24 techniques to help you lead meetings with Beekast.

Check them out now and get ready for the new year!

12 all-new, exclusive cards in this calendar!


Lockdown – Season 2: why not take some time to get ready for 2021 with the Beekast Advent Calendar?

At Beekast, we want to make techniques for leading meetings available to as many people as possible. That’s why we’ve designed this Advent Calendar featuring 24 techniques to help you run effective meetings.

→ From now through 24 December, check your Advent Calendar every day to discover a new technique for leading meetings, as well as a template you can use in Beekast.

You will help make your teams’ lives better through more impactful and effective meetings!

Explore the calendar and get ready for the new year!



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