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ROTI and Feedback Door: 2 Methods for Getting Feedback

ROTI (Return On Time Invested) and Feedback Door are two methods you can use at the end of a meeting or workshop to get feedback as part of your continuing improvement efforts.

What is an agile ROTI activity?

ROTI is very often used by agile coaches in agile retrospectives to evaluate the return on time invested during a meeting or workshop. The goal? Get each participant’s feedback and measure how useful and effective the meeting was with the goal of improving for next time.

How to do an Agile ROTI Activity

The Scrum Master, or the meeting facilitator more generally, asks participants to rate the meeting on a scale of one to five based on this question: Was this meeting a good investment of your time?

Agile ROTI

Usually, participants take a few minutes to vote by show of hands at the end of the meeting.

The facilitator takes note of the ratings and spends time on the most negative ratings to understand the reasons.

While this technique was developed for the agile method, anyone can adapt it to their situation because it’s easy to implement.

Go In-Depth with the Agile Feedback Door

The Feedback Door is a good complement to the agile ROTI method because it asks for more feedback.

Before leaving the meeting room, participants are invited to evaluate the meeting quality using a short phrase.

How to do an Agile Feedback Door Activity

The rule is that no one can leave the room without sharing their feedback. Participants write down their opinion, usually on a Post-It note, and stick it to the door on a scale ranging from negative to positive.

Get Meeting Feedback with Beekast

Beekast makes it easy to get feedback on your meeting.

  • Using the ROTI method with Beekast: create a Rating activity so everyone can rate the meeting anonymously, which will encourage even the most introverted to share their opinion. The facilitator reviews the results and then contacts participants to get more details, if necessary.


Try the ROTI method by importing this template:

ROTI thumbnail


Get instant feedback on a meeting or workshop.

  • Using the Feedback Door method with Beekast: create a Board activity and ask participants to share their feedback directly from their Beekast account before leaving the session. They put that feedback into the most appropriate category based on their positive or negative opinion. The big advantage is that this Feedback Door activity isn’t bound by a meeting room, so it’s great for remote meetings and asynchronous sessions.

Try the Feedback Door method by importing this template:

Feedback Door thumbnail

Feedback Door

Quickly learn participants’ degree of satisfaction with the meeting.

Beekast is your go-to tool if you want to collect feedback during meetings and workshops! 


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