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Our inspiration website is your Beekast coach

Visit our inspiration site to find the ready-to-use Beekast activity template you need to lead your meeting and get your entire team on board!

Need to host a meeting tomorrow but don’t know which Beekast activity will be best to accomplish your goal? Is your team getting tired of repeating the same brainstorming activity over and over?

Whether you’re a new facilitator or an expert at leading meetings, the inspiration site gives you ideas and methods that fit your experience and the goals you want to reach.

Find a meeting template that fits your situation

Just go to our inspiration site and put in your criteria to sort the templates and find the perfect activity:

  • goals
  • number of attendees
  • desired activity length
  • facilitation experience
  • process phase

Choose your facilitation level based on your experience:

  • Beginner: intro-level activities are easy to set up and lead. They’ll help you become more confident or even lead an impromptu meeting.
  • Intermediate:  requires preparation and group support.
  • Expert

The process phase is another useful criterion that helps you choose activities that fit your meeting or workshop phase:

  • opening (often icebreaker activities)
  • exploration (brainstorming, generating new ideas, finding solutions, etc.)
  • closing (activity to end the session)

Get cards with a step-by-step leader’s guide

Knowing how to lead meetings isn’t an innate skill, it’s something you learn. Beekast’s inspiration site is a coach that will help you pick up this skill, which is essential for projects to be successful.

Each inspiration template has a step-by-stop methodology you can follow like a recipe to successfully lead your meeting.

Each card has two sections: a summary and the method to follow.

The summary shows you in a glance the criteria you searched for: goal, length, group size, animation experience, and, of course, the Beekast activity to use.

The method is the reference documentation that explains in detail how the activity works and all the steps to follow: setting up the Beekast activity, presenting the activity to the group and summarising the exercise.

Import a template for an easy head-start

Importing templates saves time as you’re setting up your meeting. In a few clicks, you can insert a configured Beekast activity and instructions on how to use it.

It’s really easy to import ready-to-use templates.

  • From the template card: click the “Use template” button
  • From Beekast: open the “Add a slide” panel and click “Add a template”

The inspiration site gives you everything you need to confidently lead your meeting. What are you waiting for?


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