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How to streamline business exchanges ?

Communication is one of the pillars of a company’s performance, it not only allows employees to interact with each other, but it also creates a healthy and efficient working environment.

Implementing tools aims to make communication smoother, and significantly contributes to improving the efficiency of your team. Therefore, ensuring smooth communication allows you to:

  • Strengthen your team’s engagement and sense of belonging;
  • Promote company culture;
  • Positively increase your colleagues’ experience;
  • Unite and encourage team cohesion;
  • Align teams.

8 tips for improving communication in the workplace:

To better communicate in the company, It is recommended to implement an internal communication strategy to facilitate the flow of information within the company. To do this, here are 8 tips that will help you promote interactions in your company:

  • Adopt a clear and concise language: this will prevent misunderstandings and minimize the potential for confusion. Simplify the message to be conveyed so that everyone can quickly grasp the progress of the work without having to review excessive information.
  • Promote feedback and open communication: to foster a sense of belonging among your colleagues, it is essential to allow them to express their opinions and make suggestions.
  • Generate employee buy-in: by providing your team with a clear understanding of a subject and emphasizing its importance, they will better understand the value of sharing information related to that topic.
  • Plan and communicate consistently: it is important to establish clear guidelines for regular, structured communication so that each team member can maintain a high level of information.
  • Opt for open and harmonious internal communication: to facilitate teamwork and foster a healthy collaborative environment, it is essential to actively listen to your colleagues and avoid imposing your ideas.
  • Develop a team spirit: this is crucial for creating a positive working environment where everyone is connected and willing to support each other to achieve the best results. Team building activities are an effective method for establishing a positive atmosphere.
  • Conduct regular internal surveys: understanding your team’s thoughts on the decisions made allows for open and honest communication. Additionally, surveys are an effective tool for evaluating working conditions and promoting employee engagement.
  • Leverage online tools for organizing meetings: these tools enhance communication and collaboration within the company while increasing the productivity of your colleagues.

The Beekast session model for collaborative interactions 

Communication problems are still prevalent in companies, and not resolving them can cause damage within the organization: decreased productivity and employee disengagement.

To improve communication and ensure that your team is always aware of instructions and deadlines for specific tasks, try our “Promote Collaborative Interactions” session, which you can access using the code 1yttzi. This session will facilitate respectful communication among all parties involved.

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Promote collaborative exchanges

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The activities included in this session are mutually beneficial and each one serves a specific purpose. To conduct regular surveys, Beekast recommends starting with the Film Critic activity. This will help you gain a better understanding of your team’s mood and tailor the following activities based on their responses.

To foster teamwork and encourage open communication, theBrainwriting activity will allow everyone to share their ideas and build on each other’s thoughts. To reflect together on different events that have occurred during a specific period, the Timeline activity will enable you to observe each team member’s perspective and use these insights to identify areas for improvement in the future.

Finally, to end on a positive note, the Say it with Flowers activity will give participants the opportunity to express gratitude to anyone who helped them progress during this period. 

For more information on importing a session, please feel free to consult our article.


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