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Beekast gets a makeover with a new user interface!

Because we listen to you and want to make it easier and easier to get to grips with our new platform, we’ve redesigned the Beekast user interface. This redesign has been available since 10/10/2022, and is organised around three themes: ergonomics adapted to each stage of your presentation, an interface similar to your everyday tools and a robust base that’s ready to receive new features.


Redesigned ergonomics for greater clarity in your presentation steps

At any step in your presentation, you only have the features necessary for its execution. In this way, the interface has been streamlined and offers greater clarity:


  1. In the ‘Presentation’ part: create your slides and add your activities to prepare the animation phase optimally,
  2. In the ‘Results’ part: find the results of your session (number of participants, activities, and engagement in the discussion thread), and the possibility of exporting them in the format of your choice (Word or Excel),
  3. In the ‘Settings’ part: configure your session settings, from the login method to personalising its appearance.


A simple interface, similar to your everyday tools

Our interface has been designed to be similar to your presentation tools such as Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slide, with side bars. In this way, you’ll get your bearings instantly. It’s even more intuitive and you don’t need any training to get to grips with the platform and its different features. Users create and develop their sessions with complete independence. Discover the new features concerning the side bars below.

From the left side bar: 

  1. Add, move and delete your slides
  2. You have a new view for organising your slides

From the right side bar:

  1. Find all your tools: activities, discussion area, actions and decisions, sections, list of participants and video conferencing,
  2. Interact with your participants more easily.


A more robust and scalable platform

Since it was founded in 2015, Beekast has provided a more and more comprehensive tool to meet the needs of the market and its customers. Events, training courses then meetings are now all completely covered by the Beekast platform. Each new use and new feature has enhanced the platform, but also encumbered it and made it more complex; these difficulties have been removed with the new interface.

The new version is also more robust and designed to develop new features more quickly. This allows us to envision a shorter response time in comparison to the market’s expectations and new activities in the coming months.


Deployment support

To facilitate the deployment of this new interface, Beekast has put in place several assistance methods:

  1. A support article that explores the new features in detail and explains to you how to navigate simply on our new platform. 👉 Learn more.
  2. Weekly online training sessions that are free of charge to discover the basics of Beekast in this new interface. Engagement, interactivity and use of different features are on the programme.
    👉 Find the schedule here.
  3. We also offer you the opportunity to watch our webinar ‘Discover the new Beekast interface’ to receive tips from our experts on this topic. 👉 Click here to subscribe.
  4. Finally, if you wish, you can switch between the old and new interface for a period of thirty days.


Thanks to this redesigned interface, it’s easier for new users to get to grips with Beekast. For existing users, the experience is smoother and interactions with participants are facilitated. Taking advantage of Beekast’s full potential has never been easier.



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