Terms of service

Last update: July 23, 2018


1. Purpose

Accessible via www.beekast.com and my.beekast.com (Hereinafter: the “Solution”, “we”, “us”, “Our”), the purpose of the Solution is to help the users (in either case: the “users”, “You”) to manage their meetings, presentations, seminars, trainings or any other event, on site or remove (together: “Sessions”), also to invite other users to take part in.
These Terms and Conditions of Use (this “Agreement”) are entered into by the Solution and the entity executing this Agreement (“You”).
A presentation of the Solution is available on www.beekast.com (herein: the “Site”).
Please read carefully these General Conditions. They aim at defining the Terms and Conditions of Use set on the Solution (Herein: the “Services”) and also at defining the rights and obligations of the different parts in this context.
They are accessible and printable at any time by clicking on here.
If appropriate or necessary, these Terms and Conditions of Use can be supplemented by additional specific Conditions of some services which shall prevail on the Terms and Conditions of Use in the event of dispute.

2. Owner of the Site, the Solution and Service

The Site and Services are operated by Beekast, a French Simplified Stock Company registered on the Creteil trade and companies Registry under the number 809 824 329, and headquartered at 10 RUE DE PENTHIEVRE 75008 PARIS FRANCE (named in the context: “Solution”, “Beekast”, “we”, “us”).
Phone number: +33 1 86 95 76 88
Email address: [email protected]

3. Eligibility and access to the Solution and Services

The Solution and Services are dedicated to individuals with full legal rights to commit to the following general conditions. If not the case, the consent of the legal representative or guardian is compulsory.
Access to the Solution and Services is also disclosed to any legal entity via an individual with full legal rights to form a binding contract in the name and on behalf of the corporation.

4. Registration

Users who subscribe to the Services either by registering to the Solution, or by requesting a personalized price quote within the following conditions:

4.1 Registration to the Solution

  • Registration to the Solution is submitted to the following conditions:
  • Fill in the registration form available on the Solution,
  • Be registered on one of the associated sites indicated on the Solution and use the required IDs (username, email address) and passwords. In this case, the user must provide Beekast with additional requested information, if need be. Access to users’ data kept on his or her Beekast account must expressly be disclosed to Beekast.
  • In any case, by completing the registration process, users agree to provide Beekast with all the compulsory, accurate and complete registration information. Any lack of information will cancel the subscription.
  • A Beekast account is automatically created at the subscription in the name of each user (hereinafter: the “account”), allowing him or her access to a personal space (hereinafter: “the personal space”). The personal space enables users to manage their use of the Services in accordance with Beekast technical measures useful to a good functioning.
  • Users ensure that all the information provided in the registration form or via associated sites indicated above are accurate, updated and not misleading.
  • Users commit themselves to updating any inaccurate or changed information within their personal space in order to comply with the measures above.
  • Users are informed and they warrant that any information filled in for the creation of their account or its update, are proof of their identity. By filling in the form with his or her information, the user engages himself or herself as soon as the account is created.

4.2 Services Ordering

Users can also subscribe to the services by contacting Beekast in order to estimate a monthly/yearly cost or a customized offer. It is up to the user to provide with all the useful information for identifying his or her needs and expectations.
Beekast will create and send a quote to the users, giving more precisions on the nature of the requested Services and their pricing. Beekast will use any appropriate writing form, including email, and add the current Terms and Conditions of Use. The user allows the estimate signed and send it back to Beekast.
Except where otherwise specified, the price quote and offers given Beekast are valid for a month from the date of issue. In the absence of proper validation by the customer within this prescribed period, they become null and void.
Following the receipt of the signed quote, Beekast creates an account in the name of the user in accordance with the above prescribed conditions.

4.3 Common Provisions

At any time, you can access your personal space by signing up with your username and password.
As a user, you agree to have a private use of the Services and not to allow any other person or entity to use it on your behalf. It is strictly forbidden to disclose your username and password to a third part.
You are also responsible for maintaining the privacy of your username and password. Any access to the Solution is considered to be done by the owner of the account.
If for any reason, you suspect that your username and your password have been disclosed to or obtained by another party, you should contact Beekast immediately using the contact details included in the article 2. We are responsible for applying all the appropriate measures in such cases.

5. Agreement with the General Conditions

By clicking on the “I am over 16 years old and I accept the general terms and conditions of use and the privacy policy” button, completing the registration process, and using the Solution and the Services, you acknowledge that you have reviewed this agreement.
About users who asked for a price quote to Beekast, any validation of the quote leads to a full and total agreement with the last updated General Conditions.
By using the Solution and Services, any user, non-registered to the Solution (hereinafter: “the visitors”) agree to be bound to these General conditions without restriction nor reserve.
Any conditional registration is considered as null and void.

6. Services

Users have access to the following Services, in accessible forms and with the appropriate features and technical conditions provided by Beekast, in accordance with their subscription.
Details on the Services per pricing plan are indicated on the Solution.

6.1 Visitors’ access to the blog

Users and Visitors can have access to the Solution and Services, and to a blog (hereinafter: the “Blog”). They are provided with articles relating to the organization of conferences, meetings, training sessions and any other event, also useful help documentation, and more globally, practical instructions to manage any event.

6.2 Organizing a Session

6.2.1 Creation of a Session

Every registered user can create a session in accordance with the Solution process.
Each session has a code (hereinafter: “Session code”). The Session creator (hereinafter: “Owner”) can restrict his or her Session access with a password.

6.2.2 Sending invitations to join the Solution and Services

The Owner shares invitations to other users (hereinafter: “Participants”) in order to take part in the Session.
It is also possible to invite any non-registered person by sending the access link and the Session code.
Users need to fill in the appropriate Session code to join a Session as a participant.
An option is given to the Owner to add moderators to assist him or her during the presentation.

6.3 Conduct of a Session

6.3.1 Owners’ use of a Session

The Owner is sole responsible for organizing the conduct of his or her Session.
Owner as well as Participants can publish any content on their Personal Space (texts, graphics, audio and video files, or any other files) and share with the other Participants during the Session (“Content”).
The session is set for an indefinite period. The Owner is free to close it at any time.

6.3.2 Features

Beekast makes available online features and support documentation (“Support”) on www.beekast.com
The Owner is free to choose any available Support as part of his or her subscription. He or she is sole responsible for the use of Support.

6.4 Sessions performed remotely

Beekast provides Owners with tools to organize Remote Sessions, namely including the audio and video conference systems that enable remotely organised meetings between the Participants, the Host, and if need be, the Moderator.
The conditions for using the audio and video conference systems can be found on the Solution.
In the event of a Remote Session, the Owner, otherwise the one who created the Session, can record and / or film the participants, and record the exchanges with the Host and, if necessary, the Moderator.
To this purpose, the Owner expressly acknowledges and accepts that he or she, the Host, and including the Moderator if necessary, must be authorized by the Participants before recording their images and / or their voices, during the Session, and also before disseminating these recordings. The Owner is solely responsible for obtaining these authorizations. This point is expressly referred to in paragraph 10.2 of Article 10 “Obligations of the Users”.

6.5 Session Customization

The owner is able to set his or her Session for a purpose of customization by adding his or her name, trademark or logo in the features used throughout the Session.
For any other specific request, Beekast will submit a quote to be endorsed by the User in question in accordance with the Article 4.2 “Services Ordering”.

6.6 Specific Services Ordering

At any time, Users can order specific Services related to the creation and the implementation of a Session.
For any other specific request, Beekast will submit a quote to be endorsed by the User in question in accordance with the Article 4.2 “Services Ordering”.

6.7 Statistics

Owners can find on their Personal Space statistics related to the tool and features used on a Session (including the count of participants and their feedbacks on the Session conduct).

6.8 Other Services

For a good functioning of the Services, Beekast can propose any useful service in accordance with the appropriate features and technical means.

7. Fees and Payment

7.1 Pricing

Access to the blog is free of charge.
The creation of a Session is free for a maximum number of Participants. This number is indicated on www.beekast.com.
Above this maximum number, Users can subscribe to our offers, indicated on www.beekast.com (“Subscription”).
Unless otherwise specified, our subscription fees are in Euros and they are pre-tax price.
Beekast reserves the right make special offers and discounts, in our discretion and under specific procedures.

7.2 Price review

Beekast reserves the right to review the prices of the Services.
Beekast will inform the Users in the event Price review, upon writing notice, including by email at least one month before the entry into force of the new pricing.
Once their effectiveness, the new pricing is applied at the renewal of the subscription.
Users who refuse the new pricing must terminate his or her subscription in accordance with the procedures prescribed at the article 19 “Duration of the Services, cancellation of subscription”. A lack of notice from the User leads to an agreement with the new prices.

7.3 Billing

Services are subject to billing cycles and invoices which are sent to the users under any appropriate means.

7.4 Payment conditions

Payment of the subscription fees can be done online, with credit card, by bank transfer or direct debit, through a payment service provider indicated on www.Beekast.com or any other means available on www.beekast.com during the order.
Credit card payment is implemented by a payment service provider who is sole allowed to retain the Users’ bank data in this process. We, Beekast, do not retain any bank data.
The subscription fees are due and automatically charged the day of subscription and on every anniversary of the subscription date when a renewal is operated.
The User provides Beekast with a direct debit authorization. He or she guarantees the effectiveness of the direct debit of his or her subscription fees.

7.5 Late payment and payment incident

In accordance with the article 13 “Penalties”, the user is informed and he or she expressly accept that any late payment will automatically lead to:
(i) The close-out of the contract and the immediate payability of all due sums,
(ii) the immediate suspension of the Services in progress until full payment of the due amount and fees by the user,
(iii) the billing on behalf of Beekast of a penalty interest of three (3) times the French legal rate of interest, assessed on the complete due amount by the user, liable to fees of forty (40) euros for recovery costs, without prejudice of any additional compensation if the the incurred recovery costs are superior than the amount.

8. Right of withdrawal

For Users who are natural persons using the services for their private need and for any other need than professional ones, we inform them that they have the right of cancellation within fourteen (14) days after the date of their registration on the Solution or the date after their subscription. They can apply this right by contacting Beekast before the end of the prescribed cooling-off period. The cancellation form is attached to these General Conditions or any other declaration totally unambiguous and expressing their wish to cancel the contract.
If this right is applied, Beekast refunds all the payments received from the user, without undue delay, and either way, no later than fourteen (14) days from the date the user notifies Beekast of his or her decision to withdraw. the refund will be done through the same means payment used by the user at the initial transaction, unless the user expressly accept another means. At all events, the user will not be billed for this refund.
If the Users requested the provision of the Services before the end of the above-mentioned withdrawal period, they can exercise their right withdrawal. In this case, they will be liable to Beekast for the subscription fees prorated by the days elapsed until the notification to Beekast of their decision to withdraw.

9. Convention of proof

The user expressly acknowledges and accepts:
(i) the authenticity and the accuracy of data retained on the Solution and on Beekast IT equipments during any transaction or operation in the framework of these General Conditions of Use.
(ii) that these data are the core mode of proof established between the parties in calculating any amount due to Beekast.
Users can access their data via their personal space.

10. Users’ obligations

Without prejudice to the other obligations prescribed in these General conditions of use, users engage themselves to comply with the following obligations:
10.1 Throughout their use of Services, users engage themselves to comply with the laws and rules in force. They undertake to respect any third-party’s rights and comply with the public order. They are solely responsible for the good achievement of all the formalities, including the administrative ones, the payment of taxes and/or social security contributions of any nature and as consequences of their use of the Services, if need be.
In any case, Beekast may not be rendered liable for users’ failure to comply with their obligations.
10.2 Via the website www.beekast.com , Users confirm to be aware of the characteristics and constraints, including the technical ones, and the set of the offered Services. Users are solely responsible for their use of the Services, and namely any relationship they will establish with other Users. They are solely responsible for information and communication they will disclose and undertake in the framework of their use of the Services. Beekast invites Users to exercise prudence and good judgement throughout these relationships and communications. Furthermore, they engage themselves to use and follow the usual formulas of courtesy throughout their relationship with other users. More specially, the Owners are solely responsible for (i) the good conduct of the Sessions they organize. They are (ii) guardians of their moderators’ use of the Services and also (iii) guardians of the relationship they will undertake with the moderators and participants, including any dispute originating from the use of the Services.
10.3 Users acknowledge that Services are for strictly personal use only. In accordance with these General Condition of Use and in any way, they shall not assign, grant or transfer all or part of their rights or obligations to a third party,
10.4 Users engage to provide Beekast with all the information needed for the proper functioning f the Services. More generally, Users engage to collaborate actively with Beekast for the purpose of the successful implementation of these General Conditions of Use.
10.5 Users are solely responsible for the contents they back up on the Services (the “Contents”). They declare to have all the rights and authorizations required to disclose all these Contents. They ensure that Contents are recognized lawful and will not be contrary to the public order, to the accepted standards of good behavior or to the rights of a third party. They ensure that Contents will not infringe legal provisions. More generally, they ensure that Contents shall not involve our civic or criminal responsibility. They shall not disseminate Contents that are obscene, pornographic, indecent, racist, violent, defamatory, false, misleading, evading the privacy of others, proposing or promoting illegal activities, containing destructive features (such as viruses, worms, trojan horse, etc.) and more generally harmful to other persons’ rights in any way.
10.6 Users acknowledge that the Services provide them with an extra solution, not an alternative one, for organizing and managing their events or for taking part in events. They acknowledge that this solution is not intended to replace any other material already used for the same purpose.
10.7 Users are solely responsible for saving their information on their personal space. Beekast shall make no copy. Beekast is not liable for the potential loss of Contents. Therefore, Users are not entitled to any restitution.
10.8 Users are informed and they accept that the proper implementation of the Services needs and depends on a quality Internet connection.

11. warranty of the User

Users warrant Beekast against any complaint, actions and / or claims of any kind that Beekast may suffer from as a result of User’s breach of any of their obligations or warranties under these terms and conditions.
They agree to compensate us for any harm we may suffer and to refund us all the fees, charges and / or convictions that we may consequently have to pay for.

12. Forbidden acts and activities

12.1 It is strictly forbidden to use the Services for the following purposes:

  • illegal, fraudulent, unauthorized use or activities infringing the rights and the security of a third party,
  • infringement of the public order or violation of the laws and rules in force.
  • Intrusion, damage, control, interception of or interference with all or a part of a third-party’s computer system, its integrity or security.
  • sending unsolicited emails and/or emails for the purpose of commercial canvassing or soliciting.
  • computer manipulation for the purpose of improving the referencing of third-party website.
  • help or incitement, in any way and form, to one or several acts or activities described above.
  • and more generally, any act or activity contrary to the purpose of the Services.

12.2 Users are strictly forbidden to copy and/or divert to their profit or to a third party any concept, technologies, all or a part of the data or any other element of the Beekast Site.
12.3 the following acts or activities are forbidden:
(i) any activity or act that could interrupt, slow down, disorganized or discontinue the Services,
(ii) any unlawful access or attempted intrusions in the system of Beekast, (iii) diversions of the Solution system resources,
(iv) any action that will constitute a disproportionate burden on the infrastructures of the Solution,
(v) any interference with the measures of security and authentication,
(vi) any act or activity that could infringe the financial, commercial or moral rights and interests of Beekast or those of the Solutions’ Users, (vii) and finally, any failure to comply with these General Conditions.

12.4 it is strictly forbidden to request payment, to sell or to sub-license all or a part of the access to the Services or the Solution, including data hosted or shared by the Services and Solution.

13. Penalties

In the event of breach of these General Conditions or more generally, in the case of violation of laws and regulations in force, by a user:
(i) Beekast reserves the right to take all the necessary actions against the user, author or party of the breach, consisting in :

  • stopping the access to the Services,
  • deleting any content published on the Services and/or on the Solution,
  • publishing any useful information or warning message
  • notifying the appropriate authority,
  • undertaking legal actions.

(ii) Beekast also reserves the right to restore users’ access to the Services:
Either automatically, fifteen (15) days after a formal notification without response from the user, with acknowledgement of receipt, mentioning the intention to comply with this term.
Or in the case of reiteration of the breach, previously reported by a registered letter with acknowledgement receipt, the resolution taking effect automatically on the date when sending the registered letter with acknowledgement receipt reporting on the repeated breach.
…without prejudice of any damage and interest claims to the user.
The resolution automatically entails the deletion of the User Account, without prejudice to any other consequences that may be induced by these terms and conditions.

14. Liability and warranty

14.1 Beekast undertakes to provide the users with the services diligently and in accordance with the state of the art, not forgetting that Beekast has obligations of means, excluding any obligation of result, which the Users expressly acknowledge and accept.

14.2 Beekast is not responsible for the content posted by the users in the context of the Services. Beekast does not make any modification, selection, verification or control of users’ contents. Beekast is solely a Hosting service provider.
Hence, Beekast is not responsible for the Contents created by third parties. Any possible claim must be directed in the first place to the author of the Content in question.
Contents harmful to a third party may expressly be the subject of a notification to Beekast according to the prescribed terms in Article 6 I 5 of the French law No. 2004-575 of June 21, 2004 known as the law for building Confidence in the Digital Economy. Beekast reserves the right to apply the actions prescribed in Article 13 “Penalties”.

14.3 Our liability is restricted to providing tools and technical means enabling the users to organize Sessions, to manage them and / or take part in them. Beekast cannot intervene in the organization or the management of the Sessions.
Beekast acts in his own name and cannot act in the name and on behalf of the Owners, Hosts, Moderators and Participants, who contract directly between themselves.
Beekast is not party of any binding contract concluded between the Owners and the Hosts, the Moderators and the Participants. Under no circumstances, Beekast cannot be liable for the difficulties that may arise during the conclusion or execution of these contracts, nor be part of any resulting dispute.

14.4 Beekast undertakes some regular controls in order to verify the operation of the Solution and its accessibility. As such, Beekast reserves the right to temporarily interrupt the access to the Solution for maintenance reasons. Likewise, Beekast cannot be held responsible for temporary difficulties or unavailabilities of the Solution resulting from external circumstances, force majeure, or due to disruption of telecommunication traffics.

14.5 Beekast cannot guarantee to the Users :
(i) that Services will be uninterrupted or error free since they are subject to constant research to improve their performance and progress, (ii) that the Services, being standard and not proposed for the sole and unique purpose of a given User and according to his or her own constraints, will specifically meet his or her needs and expectations.
14.6 In any event and in accordance with these general conditions, the potential liability that may be incurred by Beekast, hereunder, is expressly limited to the solely proven direct damage suffered by the Users.

15. Beekast Intellectual Property

The systems, software, structures, infrastructures, database and contents (texts, images, visuals, music, logos, brands, database, etc.) used by Beekast within the Site and the Solution are protected by any intellectual property rights or rights of database producers in force. Any disassembly, decompilation, decoding, extraction, reuse, copies and more generally, any act of reproduction, representation, distribution and use of any of these elements, in whole or in part, without the authorization of Beekast are strictly prohibited and be subject to prosecution.

16. Personal Data

16.1 General Provisions

Beekast and the Users respectively commit themselves, each as far as they concerned, to complying with the French Act n° 78-17 of 6 January 1978 on Information technology, Data files, and Civil liberties, in its present version « Information Technology and Civil Liberties » and with the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 (hereinafter: General Data Protection Regulation « GDPR »).
For this purpose, Users declare to be informed that Beekast complies with a policy of personal data protection clearly explained in the document entitled “Charter relating to the protection of personal data”, which they are expressly invited to read carefully.

16.2 Personal data processing by the Owners

16.2.1 Characteristics of the processing

In order to enable the Owners to organize their Sessions, Beekast may need to process the data of the Participants, the Hosts and the Moderators, in particular the personal data (“Personal data”).
Personal data are hosted and processed in the purpose of the Services’ implementation.
The personal data processed are data concerning the identification of the Participants, Hosts and Moderators.
Targeted categories of people are the Participants, the Hosts and the Moderators.
The Organizers remain the sole owners of their Sessions and they are solely responsible for the processing of Personal Data in the purpose of accessing the Services. Beekast is exclusively a sub-contractor of personal data processing.

16.2.2 Our obligations as sub-contractor Beekast agrees to:

(i) Process Personal Data exclusively for the purposes of these General Conditions,
(ii) Process Personal Data in accordance with documented instructions of the Owners. If Beekast considers an instruction as a violation of the GDPR or of any other provision of European Union law or of the data protection law of the Member states, we shall immediately inform the Owners. Furthermore, if Beekast is required to transfer personal data to third countries or to an international organization, in accordance with the European Union law or of the law of the Member States which we are subject to, we must inform the Owners of this legal obligation prior to processing, unless the right in question prohibits such an information for important reasons of public interest;
(iii) Guarantee the privacy of Personal Data in the framework of the Services’ implementation and its performance.
(iv) Ensure that, under these General Conditions, the persons authorized to process the Personal Data hereunder: commit themselves to respecting the privacy or are subject to a proper legal obligation and privacy practices; receive the necessary training in the protection of personal data.
(v) think about the principles of data protection at the conception and standard data protection, as far as tools, products, applications or services are concerned.
(vi) Sub-processing: Beekast may use another sub-processor (hereinafter: “the Sub-processor”) to undertake specific processing activities. In this case, any future change should be notified to the owners in advance and in a writing format, concerning the addition or replacement of other Sub-processors. This information should clearly indicate the sub-processing activities, the Sub-processor’s identity and contact information, and the date of the sub-processing contract.
The Sub-processor is required to comply with these General Conditions on behalf of and according to the Owners’ instructions. It is up to Beekast to ensure that the Sub-processor provides the same sufficient guarantees for implementing the proper technical and organizational actions so that the processing meets the requirements of the GDPR. If the sub-processor fails to fulfill its data protection obligations, Beekast remains fully liable to the Owners of the other sub-processor’s compliance with its obligations.
(vii) Exercise of the Rights of Individuals: Where applicable, and as far as possible, Beekast shall assist the Owners in fulfilling their obligation to respond to requests for the exercise of the rights of the data subject: right of access , rectification, erasure and opposition, right to limitation of processing, right to portability of data, right not to be the subject of an automated individual decision (including profiling).
When the data subjects apply to Beekast some requests for the exercise of their rights, Beekast must send these requests by email as soon as they are received.
(viii) Notification of Personal Data breaches: Beekast notifies the Owners by email of any violation of Personal Data within seventy-two (72) hours after being notified. This notification is accompanied by any useful documentation to enable the Owners, if necessary, to notify this violation to the appropriate supervisory authority.
(ix) Beekast’s assistance in the framework of the respect of the Owners’ compliance with their obligations: Beekast helps the Owners if they intend to carry out a data protection impact assessment, as well as the prior authorization of the supervisory authority for the realization of the potential consultation.
(x) Security measures: Beekast is committed to implementing the technical and organizational measures that ensure a level of security adapted to the risk.
(xi) Release of data: At the end of the Agreement, Beekast undertakes to return all Personal Data to the Owners and destroy them.
(xii) Data Protection Officer: Beekast informs the Owners of the name and contact details of its Data Protection Officer, if it has mandated one in accordance with Article 37 of the GDPR.
(xiii) Processing Activity Category Registry: Beekast declares that it maintains in writing a record of all categories of processing activities performed on behalf of the Owners including:

  • the name and contact information of the Owners who Beekast acts for, any subcontractors and, if need be, the data protection officer;
  • the categories of processing carried out on behalf of the Owners;
  • where applicable, transfers of Personal Data to a third country or to an international organization, including the identification of that third country or that international organization and, in the case of transfers referred to in Article 49 (1) , second paragraph of the GDPR, the documents certifying the existence of appropriate guarantees;
  • as far as possible, a general description of technical and organizational security measures, including, inter alia, as appropriate:
  • pseudonymisation and coding of Personal Data;
  • means to ensure the ongoing privacy, integrity, availability and resilience of processing systems and services;
  • means to restore the availability of Personal Data and access to it in a timely manner in the event of a physical or technical incident;
  • a procedure to test, analyze and regularly assess the effectiveness of technical and organizational measures to ensure the safety of processing.

(xiv) Documentation: Beekast provides the Owners with the necessary documentation to prove compliance with all of its obligations and to allow for the conduct of audits, including inspections, by the Owners or any other auditor they would mandate for this purpose, and contribute to these audits.
In the framework of these audits, the Owners or the auditor appointed by them will not be allowed to access Beekast’s business secrets, strategic information or information that Beekast has committed to keeping confidential. Beekast may object to any control measures by the Owners or the auditor appointed by them who may give them access to such data or information, without a notification of claim by the Owners in this regard. The Owners will also ensure in any event that the auditor and, more generally, the personnel performing the audit are subject to appropriate privacy obligations.

16.2.3 Owners’ Obligations to Beekast

Owners are obliged to fulfill their obligations under the GDPR, particularly with regard to the obligation to inform the persons concerned by the processing operations at the time of data collection, maintaining the register of processings implemented, and more generally, respecting the principles of the GDPR.
The Owners further commit themselves to:
(i) documenting in writing any instructions related to the processing of data by Beekast,
(ii) ensure, prior to and throughout the duration of the processing, compliance with the obligations set out in the GDPR,
(iii) supervise the processing, including conducting audits and inspections with Beekast under the conditions described above.

17. Links to the third-parties’ websites

We endeavor to provide the best service we can. But you understand and agree that in any event, Beekast is not responsible for the technical availability of third-parties’ websites or mobile applications (including those of our potential partners) you use via the Site or the Solution.
Users are solely responsible for backing up any content or data available on any third-party’s website or mobile application and entered on the Service by them. Beekast reminds users that third-parties’ websites and mobile applications have their own conditions of services and use.
Beekast is not responsible for professional or trade transactions or operations contracted between users and third-parties (including our possible partners) to which the User is directed through the Site or the Solution and can not in no event be a party to any potential disputes with these third parties concerning in particular the delivery of products and / or services, warranties, declarations and any other obligations to which such third parties are held to.

18. Trade references

Companies which use Beekast expressly allow us to quote them and use, if need be, the reproduction of their trademarks or brands as a trade reference, including during public or private events, in ads or on our Website, under any type.

19. Duration of the Services, cancellation of registration

Services not included in the subscription are accessible for an indefinite period.
Subscriptions are effective on the date of subscription, under reserve of fees payment in accordance with Article 7 “Fees and Payments”, for the period of the user’s subscription (hereinafter: “Initial Period”) from date to date.
Subscriptions are automatically renewed for successive of the same duration as the Initial Period (hereinafter referred to as the “Periods”), from date to date, unless terminated by Beekast or by the User a date not later than the last day before the end of the current Subscription.
The termination of his or her Subscription by a User is done through his or her Personal Space.
The termination of the Subscription by Beekast is done by sending an email to the User.
Any Subscription Period started is due in full.
The User is informed of the provisions of Article L215-1 of the Consumer Code:
“ Concerning contracts for provision of a service made for a determined period with a tacit renewal clause, the professional service provider informs the consumer in writing , by registered letter or by dedicated email, not earlier than three (3) months beforehand, or the latest, one (1) month before the end of the period authorising the rejection of renewal, of the possibility of not renewing the contract made with a clause of renewal. This information, given in clear, comprehensible terms, mentioning in a visible box, the renewal date.
When this information has not been sent to them according to the provisions of the first paragraph, the consumer can terminate a contract free of charges at any moment after the renewal date.
The advances made after the last renewal date, or concerning limited period contracts, after transformation of the initial fixed-term contracts, are refunded in this case within a delay of thirty (30) days counting from the termination date, after deducting the corresponding amount, from the execution of the contract until then.
The provisions of this article are applied so as not to be detrimental to those who submit legally certain contracts with specific rules concerning the information of the consumer. ”

20. Modification of these Terms and Conditions

Beekast reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions of Use at any time.
We will inform users of any amendment by any appropriate means within at least 30 (thirty) days before their entry into force. In the case users have a subscription, the changed general conditions will be applied following the renewal of the subscription pursuant to their last update.
In the case you do not accept the amend to these general conditions, you must cancel your subscription to the Services in accordance with the conditions prescribed at the article 19 “Duration of the Services, cancellation of subscription”.
The amended general conditions are immediately applied to any visitor who uses the Services after their entry into force.
After the entry in force of the changed general conditions, any user is said to have accepted the changes.

21. Language

In the future, if we translate these Terms and Conditions of Use into one or more languages, French will be used for any interpretation in the event of contradiction in terms and dispute on the meaning of any concept and provision.

22. Mediation procedure

In accordance with the articles L611-1 and seq, and R152-1 and seq of the Code of Consumption, users have the right of legal recourse to a mediator of consumption in order to find amicable solution for any dispute on the execution of Beekast Terms and Conditions of Use.
For this purpose, users can contact the following mediator of consumption:
Bailiffs’ Center for mediation and amicable settlement (Medicys)
Postal address: 73 Boulevard de Clichy, 75009 Paris
Email: [email protected]
Phone number: 01 49 70 15 93 https://www.medicys.fr/index.php/consommateurs/

23. Jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions of Use are interpreted, construed and enforced in accordance with the French Law and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Paris in the event statutory rights are affected.

Annex – Form for cancellation Annex – Cancellation form

(Please fill in this form and send it back only if you wish to cancel the contract.) To: Beekast
Postal address: 10 RUE DE PENTHIEVRE 75008 PARIS FRANCE
Phone number: +33 1 86 95 76 88
Email address: [email protected]
Through this, I inform you my cancellation of the contract on the subscription below: Date of subscription:
Name of the user(s):
Postal address of the user(s):
Signature of the user(s): (only in the case of a paper form)