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Beekast is an interactive platform that makes your events or seminars more dynamic, engaging, and collaborative. Whatever your usage, Beekast has a tailored offer to propose to you.


To bring interactivity and collaboration to your human-scale event.


€ HT

Up to 250 participants

Economic offer


To ensure an interactive event of medium size.

1 490

€ HT

Up to 500 participants

Tailored offer


To invite a larger audience to your event and have a customized pricing.

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More than 500 participants

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Don’t hesitate to try Beekast for free, it’s the simplest way to bring a first touch of interactivity and collaboration to your events.

Multiple events

You organize more than one event in the year and wish to have more information? Contact us for an offer adapted to your needs

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€ HT

1 490

€ HT


For an event

For an event

Custom pricing, contact us for more information.

Maximum number of participants simultaneously per session.

Up to 250 participants

Up to 500 participants

For 500 participants and more


Number of sessions, slides, interactive activities.




Activity template

Session templates

Discussion Wall

Co-host a Beekast session

Invite people to co-facilitate your Beekast sessions.

Maximum uploaded file size.

100 Mo

100 Mo

100 Mo

Video import

Vimeo / Youtube / MP4

Vimeo / Youtube / MP4

Vimeo / Youtube / MP4

Import of PPT and PDF

Interactive activities

Icebreaker (Word cloud, Selfie wall)

Brainstorming and decision making (Table, Metaphor, Matrix)

Opinion taking (Survey, Prioritization, Form, Rating)

Evaluation (Quiz, QCM, Ranking, Challenge)

Contenu (Diapositives réactives Beekast, Instructions)


Automatic Word report

Action plan by email

Automatic relaunch of actions to be taken

Export/import sessions

Excel export of results

Session statistics

Attendance sheet


Identification of participants

Advanced customization

Custom login page

En option

Third-party integrations

Integration with video conferencing tools

Teams, Zoom, Jitsi

Teams, Zoom, Jitsi

Teams, Zoom, Jitsi

Online storage

Google Drive

Google Drive

Google Drive

Integration with presentation tools

Prezi /

Prezi /

Prezi /

Participation via SMS and Twitter (Social Wall)


Security and privacy

Password protection of sessions

Advanced security by domain or email

Enterprise authentication (SSO/SAML/CAS)



Online Help Resources

Support by email and live chat


Dedicated phone support


Personalized workshops / deployment assistance


Dedicated customer success manager


Premium support (SLA)


Monthly offers are no longer available.

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Secure payment

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ISO 27001 certified

By achieving this international standard, we’re proud to certify the effectiveness of our information security management system here at Beekast.

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Quality support

No matter what kind of support you need, we’ve got you covered. Our team is always available to help via live chat, phone, email, or our comprehensive help center.

Beekast brings out the collective intelligence in your meetings

Find out how thousands of companies around the world of all types and sizes love using Beekast

Frequents questions

Visit our help center for more information

What types of activities do you offer?

Beekast offers a wide variety of activities to play with your audience: quizzes, brainstorming, polls, selfies, interactive word clouds, forms, rankings, prioritization and many more. Check out the site’s Features page for a complete list or sign up for a FREE account to find out.

What is the maximum duration of a Beekast session?

There is no time limit. You can use the same session for as long as you want.

What happens if the maximum number of participants join my session?

Once your session has reached the maximum number of participants allowed by your offer, the session will be full. Any additional participants who attempt to join your session will be blocked.

My event will have a very large number of participants (over 1000), can I use Beekast?

Yes, of course. We can adapt our infrastructure to very large events. Contact us for a quote.

When and how can I pay?

You can pay for a paid offer at any time by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) and bank transfer on our website. We also accept checks and purchase orders.

I don’t have access to my company’s CB, what can I do?

We offer several alternative payment methods (bank transfer request, SEPA direct debit). You can also provide us with an order form or simply pay with your personal credit card and send the invoice to your employer for reimbursement.

Can I test Beekast for free before subscribing to a paid offer?

You can use the FREE offer of Beekast which is free to test our solution.

Do you have rates for teachers?

Yes. Contact us.

Can I change my subscription offer?

To change your offer you must cancel your subscription and wait until it expires. You can then subscribe to the offer of your choice.

How many devices can I share my license with?

You can enjoy your license on 2 devices.