Discover Beekast in Webex

Lead interactive and efficient meetings by adding Beekast directly in your Webex meetings!


Transform your online meetings into valuable experiences filled with participation and productivity thanks to our various activities.


Surveys, quizzes, brainstorming activities… Beekast is with you every step of the way to help engage your team during video conferences. 🤝

Adding Beekast to your Webex Meetings

Start by installing the Beekast app for Webex Meetings. Ask your company’s Webex administrator to enable Webex Meetings Apps by following Webex’s instructions here.*

Once Webex Meetings apps are enabled, users in a Webex Meeting can easily add Beekast to their Webex session.
To do this:
  1. Create or join a session in Webex Meetings.
  2. Click on the button Apps > Beekast. 
  3. Connect to your Beekast account.
  4. You’re all set! Once you’ve logged into your Beekast account, all that’s left to do is select the session you wish to share in the Webex meeting. You can easily filter your sessions in order to find the right one faster.

Tips for using the Beekast app for Webex Meetings

The Beekast app for Webex Meetings offers the same set of features and tools as the ones you all know and love in Beekast. This new integration allows you to collaborate smoothly in a unified space. You no longer need to change tabs or deal with the laborious tasks of switching from one tool to the other. Enjoy online meetings that are smooth, participative, and without any interruptions. We’re talking about productivity on a whole new level!

Encourage participation and engage your participants:

  1. Break the ice and generate new ideas
  2. Assess and survey participants
  3. Decide together and plan future actions