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Survey participants and enrich projects

Our teams can continue to organise truly collaborative workshops remotely
Coline Grégoire Account Manager

Sennse is a communications and consultation agency devoted to urban challenges. Account Manager Coline Grégoire explains how Sennse uses Beekast to work collaboratively with its clients and to allow people to have their say during public meetings..

Sennse & Beekast : the goals ?

  • Allow people to speak openly during public meetings
  • Survey clients in workshops for enriched reflection on projects
  • Develop an action plan in line with client needs

The stakes for Sennse

One of the agency’s key objectives is to work with clients to build projects together in order to best meet their stated needs. Thus, Sennse faced the challenge of offering truly collaborative workshops in which both Sennse’s teams and clients could work together to move projects towards their achievement by comparing ideas.
To achieve its urban projects, Sennse chose Beekast.

Using Beekast

  • In public meetings
  • In workshops with clients
  • In-person & remotely
Key figures
Founding 2010
Employees 70
The Beekast edge

"Beekast is a tool to multiply interactions and collaborative intelligence"

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