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Why ISO 27001 certification is essential for startups and how to obtain it. Interview with Florent & Isabelle.

Over the past year, Beekast embarked on a project to obtain ISO 27001 certification. In this article, Isabelle Mouraud, CTO, and Florent Bigot, Site Reliability Engineer at Beekast, share why they embarked on this project and the key steps taken to achieve the certification.

Could you define the ISO 27001 certification for us?

ISO 27001 is an international standard certifying the effectiveness of a company’s information security management system

What are the objectives of obtaining this certification for Beekast?

The objectives are to:

  • Secure information;
  • Reinforce resilience against cyber attacks by managing security risks;
  • Protect the integrity, availability and confidentiality of data;
  • Comply with regulatory requirements;
  • Protect our customer’s data.

What were the different steps you took in order to successfully obtain the ISO 27001 certification?

This initiative was launched at the outset of 2022, and the following steps were taken to achieve the goal:

  • Mapping Global risk within Beekast based on the availability, integrity, confidentiality and traceability of assets;
  • Identifying gaps related to the standard and constructing an action plan accordingly;
  • Implementing improvement actions across the entire IT system, including software development, infrastructure, business processes, training, and more.
  • Writing policies and processes related to security;
  • Regular employee awareness on the approach.

The involvement of both management and staff in the approach, along with clear definition of scope, allocation of resources, and implementation of an improvement plan with realistic goals, were key factors in the project’s success. Defining roles, scope, stakeholders, and planning also played a major role in ensuring successful completion of the project. 

We would like to thank France Certification and Thomas Rivière for their invaluable support throughout the certification process.

In what ways can the ISO 27001 certification be beneficial for a startup?

The ISO 27001 certification can benefit startups in various ways. Firstly, it enables startups to adopt a continuous improvement approach towards security aspects and safeguard their information system. Additionally, the certification helps in instilling confidence among prospects and customers, thereby enhancing the startup’s reputation.

How can the ISO certification help the development of businesses?

Obtaining the certification can serve as a valuable tool for startups in enhancing their security measures and showcasing a high level of professionalism to their prospects and customers. Beyond building customer confidence, it can also streamline the process of responding to calls for tender, particularly those that entail detailed security questionnaires.

In a hybrid context, do you think being ISO 27001 has become even more important and if so, why?

In a hybrid context, the need for certification is even more critical due to the increased risks associated with factors such as security on workstations and remote access to the IT system.

What are the next steps and how to maintain the ISO 27001 certification year after year?

The next steps for Beekast include 

  • Maintaining our continuous improvement approach to security issues, 
  • Implementing the action plan that has been defined, 
  • Continuing to promote employee awareness while conducting regular internal audits to ensure ongoing compliance with ISO 27001 standards.


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