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Navigating Hybrid Work : 4 Templates for Fostering Connection

The health crisis has changed the French people’s relationship with work, prompting companies to adopt a hybrid mode. This work organization is the best way to ensure a balance between professional and personal life.

However, it is not always easy to maintain the connection between employees, especially when some opt for remote work. Strengthening the bonds between colleagues allows for better team cohesion and therefore faster progress in their missions. So, how can companies recreate connections in a hybrid mode?

4 Beekast models to recreate connections in hybrid mode:

By multiplying opportunities for interaction through collaborative tools, we can create meaningful connections that are essential not only within a team, but also for promoting the strength of the collective when working inter-team. Building these connections is crucial in today’s working world, where remote work and virtual communication have become the norm.

In hybrid work mode, strengthening this connection has a positive impact on employee productivity. According to McKinsey, 67% of the most productive companies encourage “microtransactions” between employees in the context of hybrid work.

Thus, the implementation of a hybrid work strategy, where employees must be present in the office at least 2 to 3 times a week, plays an important role in creating connections between them.

To foster strong connections between colleagues, we’re excited to offer you four Beekast activity templates that can be easily incorporated into your meetings, training sessions, or seminars. These models are designed to promote engagement, participation, and collaboration, making it easier than ever to build meaningful connections within your team.

  • Weather report: the perfect solution for breaking the ice and encouraging participation in team meetings. It not only promotes engagement, but also allows teams to gauge each other’s moods, even when informal moments are limited or non-existent. With this activity, colleagues can share their feelings collectively, using simple and intuitive icons such as “sunny” to represent positive emotions and “cloudy” to denote a more neutral impression.

This helps create an atmosphere of sharing and collaboration that is both fun and engaging. By encouraging team members to share their emotions in a light-hearted and approachable way, this activity helps to promote a relaxed and inclusive atmosphere while strengthening team cohesion. 

Displaying results in real-time lets everyone see how the group is feeling, helping facilitators adjust their presentation and improving the overall experience. This reinforces everyone’s sense of belonging and connection to the group.

  • Introductions: To encourage participation and foster connections, this template involves giving each participant a turn to speak, whether by answering a question or sharing their thoughts on a given topic. It’s particularly useful in onboarding new colleagues or when working with external service providers, and helps to strengthen collaboration and team spirit by promoting shared problem-solving and ideation.

Promoting social connections between teams can be a valuable asset in terms of competitiveness, allowing for more effective collaboration and communication.

  • Brainstorming: The Brainstorming activity is the ideal way for colleagues to share and discuss their ideas in a group setting, promoting open communication and collaboration. By encouraging active participation and creating a space for mutual understanding, this activity helps to build trust and recreate connections within a team or group.

Whether your colleagues are working in-person or remotely, the Brainstorming activity allows them to interact in real-time via Beekast, facilitating contributions and comments from everyone. By promoting participation, collaboration, and communication, this activity recreates connections and strengthens team cohesion.

  • Roti: This template allows all participants to share their feedback on the session you have organized. In order to prevent remote participants from feeling excluded from the discussion, this activity model gives everyone a chance to speak and express themselves freely.

Thus, it ensures that there has been no frustration during the meeting. By using it in your various meetings, you gradually contribute to strengthening the bonds between your colleagues.

In addition, establishing a company culture that relies on feedback helps to develop self-knowledge and understanding of others.

These diverse activities enable your employees to enhance communication, foster stronger relationships, and overcome barriers. With hybrid work leading to disconnection and a reduced sense of belonging, it’s essential to leverage online collaborative tools that can promote engagement and reinforce team cohesion.


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