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Beekast inspiration templates to tailor your meetings to your needs!

It isn’t always easy to host a successful meeting – you need to organise the discussions, areas for reflection and possible solutions to make decisions about a problem and decide on the actions to be implemented after the meeting. 

Beekast has created easy-to-use tools to help you lead your meetings and ensure successful discussions! 



The Beekast inspirations website: a toolbox filled with activity templates 

Designed to give you the tools you need to run better meetings, the Beekast inspiration site is the perfect tool to help you create activities that are tailored to your needs.

With ready-to-use activity templates, you can tailor your meetings to your specific needs and expectations. Manage the objectives, group size and even the duration of your chosen activity! 

Create an account to get the most out of Beekast inspiration templates and the different topics available each day for free. 




Activity templates tailored to all kinds of meetings

Use the filters on the platform to prepare custom meetings that really meet your needs! 


Depending on the problem you want to solve during the meeting, select the filter that matches what you’re looking for.

It could be to: 

  • prioritise and decide together 
  • solve problems 
  • explore and reflect together 
  • share a vision
  • wrap up a discussion 
  • start a discussion 
  • review progress 

Find the template that has everything you and your participants need. See all the templates available here


From 5 minutes to an hour or longer, decide which format is best for your meeting. You’ll receive different kinds of inspiration depending on how long your meeting lasts.

For example, for short meetings, opt for a simple brainstorming session or the impact-feasibility matrix, so you can quickly gather your participants’ ideas. However, if you have a little more time and want to take a better look at a topic, try the G.R.O.W. matrix or thinking hats, which require more reflection.


Group size 

Whether there’s 10 of you or more than 60, you’re sure to find the inspiration that’s right for you. As with the duration, prepare your activity with the number of participants in mind. 

If there’s just a few of you, you can use all of the templates on a daily basis! On the other hand, if there are lots of participants, go for templates that will allow everyone to express themselves freely, such as the feedback door or the emoji gauge


Facilitator experience 

If you’re hosting the meeting, you can tailor it to your level of training and expertise on the platform. 

Just starting out on Beekast? Use the hot air balloon: a simple and fun activity to help the entire team plan and think about the future. 

But, if you’re a more seasoned expert, use the SCAMPER method. This method helps teams examine topics from different angles to respond to the issue given by the facilitator.  

You can find all our training webinars on how to use Beekast here! You can keep up with regular training on the platform so that you’ll become a real master. 



Process phase 

Tailor your activities to the project phase – whether you’re just starting out or wrapping up your project! 

Is your project just beginning? Use the blob tree to see how your participants are feeling at the start of the meeting. 

Or is it nearing the end? Give the feedback door a try to gather your participants’ opinions and evaluate your meeting! 


As you’ve seen, the Beekast inspirations website is a great way to motivate your teams and help them bond during meetings. Create a free account now to see all our inspiration templates!