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Hybrid Beekast: the new platform for hybrid working!

What’s Hybrid Beekast?

Hybrid Beekast is the flexible, intuitive missing link in the company Digital Workplace. The platform enables collaborative and hybrid working. Use it to boost all your teams’ engagement and productivity, without any special technical knowledge required.


Hybrid working – the undisputed current trend

Adopting hybrid work models (which combine on-site and remote workers), means adopting a flexible working mode, which becomes the new normal. Companies and their top management (CEO, CIO, HRM) must revisit their workplace strategy regarding their future of work.

Currently, 73% of French employees working want to adopt a balance between returning to work and home office. Where employers are concerned, about 80% are ready to make the change. The digital transformation is well under way.

Furthermore, 40% of companies plan to allocate a technology budget for the work from home. 65% of them are investing in Cloud software. Collaboration software is the key to productivity for teams using this new way of working. They’re at the top of the list with 52% (Source: Malakoff Humanis study – May 2020).

All systems are go for accelerating the implementation of the Digital Workplace in hybrid mode and the development of digital working.


Hybrid Beekast: What advantages for the digital workplace and teams?

Freedom: Hybrid Beekast eliminates space and time constraints

Wherever the workplace: office space, in a remote work way or a combination of the two (hybrid), the platform adapts to suit. Hybrid Beekast is responsive and compatible with the main videoconferencing tools. It enables you to share your presentation materials in real time with participants. The latter will be able to participate in interactive activities, access results and contribute at any time using the discussion wall. This makes for an improved employee experience and facilitate the collaborative work.
Hybrid Beekast enables you to host pre-recorded meetings in any time zone or location for company subsidiaries.


Flexible: Whatever the size of the team and its purpose

Meetings, training, workshops/seminars or events, the platform structures these moments to make them fluid and efficient. It adds interaction and mobilizes and involves employees with team building activities; decision-making is a smoother process. Furthermore, it can be used to build an action plan and summarise discussions with one click.


Intuitive: Hybrid Beekast is a simple element to be integrated into everyone’s desktop office suite

When the meeting or workshop begins, employees can attend on-site or via videoconference. With just one click, you can launch Hybrid Beekast and benefit from all its interactive features and activities.

The platform does not require any special technical knowledge. “If you can use PowerPoint, you already know how to use Beekast.

Hybrid Beekast offers ready-to-use templates to guide the meeting/workshop facilitator to lead discussions. Discussions can also be retrieved for easier decision-making”, specifies Yassine Chabli, founder of Beekast.


Comprehensive: Hybrid Beekast offers 13 interactive activities with multiple versions available

From icebreaker to ideation, prioritization, polling, evaluation and decision-making, the platform is result-oriented. By encouraging and facilitating collaboration and interaction, it frees up collective intelligence.

The result? Efficiency, productivity, and participant engagement! Key company moments such as meetings, workshops, training, events, and webinars are now more efficient.



The health crisis has profoundly transformed business practices and forced companies to adapt their corporate culture. Workspaces have been transformed, changing from physical space to a mix between offices and employees’ homes.

Hybrid work is a real lever for employer branding and communication tools. It is now one of the most important criteria in the employee experience. It can also be a lever to save money by diminishing real estate fee when possible.

Flexible, intuitive and comprehensive, Hybrid Beekast is your ally for transformation and for sustainably implementing a hybrid work environment within your company.


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