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How to run an editorial meeting with Beekast

The editorial committee convenes regularly to establish and refine the content strategy, with the editor-in-chief at the helm and the entire editorial team actively participating.

During these meetings, the committee crafts the company’s editorial policy, precisely outlining the content to be created, including articles, social media posts, and newsletters. This integral aspect of editorial production ensures the publications’ quality and relevance.

Comprising journalists, content marketing managers, freelancers, as well as communications or marketing managers, the committee members are selected based on the publication’s nature and target audience. Their primary responsibility is to uphold high standards and ensure that the content produced aligns with the publication’s editorial guidelines.

A Beekast session template to facilitate your editorial committee in Beekast:

To help you establish an effective editorial committee that aligns with your content objectives, Beekast provides a comprehensive and pre-designed template. This template incorporates interactive activities that facilitate a seamless alignment with your editorial strategy.

Leveraging Beekast’s collaborative features, this session template integrates engaging activity models that enhance teamwork and foster the collection of the finest ideas from your colleagues. Within this session, you will discover the following inspiring activity models:

  • Selfie Wall:  a unique and enjoyable way to kickstart the meeting, this activity encourages active participation from the audience. Participants are invited to share a selfie or images that relate to the given question or activity title.

Within the editorial committee setting, this activity can be tailored to request colleagues to share an image representing a news item that has made an impact on them during the recent period. This allows for a swift overview of significant events that have captured their attention.

Subsequently, each participant has the opportunity to share their thoughts and reflections regarding the image they have chosen. By the end of the activity, a captivating mosaic will be formed, showcasing all the photos shared by the participants. This visually engaging display further enhances the collaborative spirit within the committee.

  • The Board: an ideal activity for collaborative brainstorming in the editorial committee to define an effective content strategy. Each team member can freely express their thoughts on upcoming content, covering categories such as economic, political, cultural, sports, and local news. 

Customize the columns based on your team’s structure. Once the board is filled, conduct a voting session to prioritize the most important ideas. This ensures a comprehensive and well-prioritized content strategy for the upcoming period.

You also have the “Tabs” feature where you can share any useful information with your participants, such as files, external links, or additional information. For example, you can include the sources of your articles to add credibility to the shared news.

At the end of your editorial committee meeting, after voting on the topics, you can schedule and assign them to your writers. An email accompanied by the action plan will be automatically sent using the “Actions and Decisions” feature.

To streamline task completion and track progress effectively, your colleagues will receive periodic deadline reminders via email to ensure timely completion of assigned tasks. This feature simplifies progress monitoring within your Beekast session.

To import the “Editorial Committee” session template directly into your Beekast account, utilize the import code: ttc7d8. Keep in mind that this template is customizable, allowing you to tailor it to your specific needs and objectives. Additionally, you have the flexibility to incorporate additional slides, such as an agenda slide at the beginning of the session, to enhance organization and structure.

To enhance your editorial meetings and elevate the quality of your content, Beekast offers a powerful platform that facilitates creative idea generation and seamless collaboration. By leveraging this platform, you can gather innovative ideas and work collectively to produce high-quality editorial content.

The use of Beekast will foster greater engagement and motivation among participants, transforming your editorial committee into an effective tool for improving the quality of your topics and the overall impact of your publications. With Beekast, you can cultivate a culture of editorial excellence that consistently meets the expectations of your readers.


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