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Get People Talking Easily With Beekast

With Beekast this holiday season, you can create sessions using inspiration templates with a Christmas theme! These templates were created to add an original touch to your meetings and they’ll be sure to boost participation and interaction!

Christmas Blob Tree

This Yuletide version of the blob tree helps to get discussion going at the start of the meeting, before tackling specific issues. It enables all participants to talk about their state of mind by expressing an emotion. Participants can express how they feel about a project or their team by choosing a character with a specific attitude. 

At the start of the meeting, clearly define the framework of the activity so that each participant knows where to position themselves on the blob tree.

Once everyone understands the instructions, make sure that they all have a sticker and place it on the character they identify with. Next, allow them to speak so they can comment on their choice.

After everyone has had a chance to speak, you can generate a summary of the group’s overall state of mind. This means you can adapt the meeting to suit! 

With the Christmas blob tree inspiration template, Santa’s reindeer and elves in their winter environment will boost participation during your next meetings!

Blob Tree thumbnail

Blob Tree

Share how you’re feeling before a meeting starts

Emoji Gauge

The emoji gauge is an activity that helps initiate discussion as your meetings get started. Like the blob tree, it enables you to get an overall picture of the group’s state of mind. Participants can express how they feel about the topic at hand, enabling the facilitator to adapt the following activities to suit. In this simple way, participants can quickly illustrate their current mood. 

To do so, the organiser sounds participants out at the start of the meeting to find out their current state of mind. Each participant answers by choosing the most appropriate emoji for their state of mind regarding the meeting’s topic. The organiser can then conclude while taking the results into account for the discussions to follow.

When the gauge tends towards negative feelings, decide with the group whether or not to continue with the meeting. If you decide to continue, make sure that each person participates so that the meeting is beneficial for all. Discover our “Emoji Gauge” inspiration template to get discussions going during meetings!

Emoji Gauge thumbnail

Emoji Gauge

Prepare for a meeting by sounding out the group’s state of mind.

The special Christmas theme will make your meetings more fun with its reindeer, Christmas tree and Christmas biscuits!