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Get feedbacks from your collaborators about your meetings with the ROTI activity!

The success or failure of a meeting is determined by participants. Therefore, it is important to ask them for their feedback on the efficiency and productivity of your assembly. To gather these feedbacks, organize a ROTI activity at the end of the meeting!

A ROTI, what is it?

The ROTI is an acronym for Return On Time Invested. It simply consists in asking your collaborators for a quantitative feedback on the interest and the performance of your meeting.

A ROTI enables you to:

  • Optimize time spent in meetings: if scores are low, take the opportunity to reduce time spent in meetings!
  • Get feedback on the usefulness of the meeting and the method used: you tried a “walking meeting” and the ROTI is better? Keep it up!
  • Improve future meetings following the results: do not give up if the ROTI is low. Ask your employees individually for qualitative feedback later.

Set up a ROTI

Ask your collaborators to give a score, from 1 to 5, without justification, to note the interest of your meeting:

  • 5: Excellent meeting: I saved precious time, it was really worth it!
  • 4: Good meeting: I saved more time than I spent on it!
  • 3: This meeting was average. I didn’t save any time or waste any time.
  • 2: It wasn’t worth 100% of the time I spent in that room. I wasted some time.
  • 1: I didn’t earn anything, I didn’t learn anything, I wasted my time.

This rating can be done by a show of hands since it is between 1 and 5. Ask each participant to indicate how many points they score with their fingers up and quickly probe the room.

This activity is very effective in gathering your participants’ feedbacks on the usefulness of the meeting. Thanks to these results you will have the opportunity to optimize the time spent in meetings and improve the content of the next ones.


Set up a ROTI easily with the Beekast Scoring activity, try it now!