Oriane Miton
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Six ways to boost employee engagement

According to the 2020 Hays study, the link between employee engagement and performance is well established: when employees in a company feel engaged, their operational efficiency increases by 40 percent. Turnover decreases by almost 15 percent. 

But how can you really engage your employees? Read on for six tips to implement with your team! 

Connect each person to meaningful work

While this may seem obvious, it is important to remember that finding meaning at work is something really important to many people.

As a manager, you have to be able to recognise the strengths and qualities of your employees. 

Rather than assigning a person to a specific function or task right away, try to identify your employee’s skills and adapt their work accordingly.  By doing so, they will be involved in the tasks they are good at and enjoy most, which will maximise their motivation and commitment.

Recognise success and hard work

Do not hesitate to congratulate your staff. As with the previous point, this may seem obvious. However, the satisfaction of a job well done will increase employee confidence in their achievements and improve engagement in their job. You will boost employee engagement by creating a climate of recognition and kindness within a team. 

Give everyone the opportunity to develop 

Giving employees the opportunity to be more independent is a sign of trust. Praising them and giving them more responsibility will improve their engagement commitment and motivation. Use promotions or professional development to support their motivation and desire to advance in the company.

Set short- and long-term goals to keep everyone motivated. 

Be sure to offer training. Give your employees the opportunity to develop their expertise, interpersonal skills and collective intelligence! 

Set clear, attainable goals

By assigning tasks that are both challenging and attainable, you will encourage employees and improve their motivation through the actions they take. Creating an environment that is conducive to completing projects helps give your employees the confidence they need to accomplish their tasks.  

Challenge them to surpass their individual performance

Involve everyone in the company’s strategy

This goes hand in hand with connecting everyone to meaningful work. When we understand the end result of our tasks and the “why” of what we do, we see ourselves going in the same direction as the company’s overall strategy. Communicate with your employees and involve them in most internal transformations. Give them an opportunity to participate in general decision-making and improve company-wide collaboration

Make sure that the company’s values are in line with your employees’ ways of being and acting. For this, do not skimp on internal communication. This will create a real sense of unity and generate teamwork

Foster wellness at work

Whether we are talking about physical well-being within the workspace, or mental well-being by limiting pressure and promoting kindness, employees tend to be more productive when they feel good. 

Remember that the search for well-being is becoming very important in today’s business world. Offer your employees good working conditions with efficient collaborative tools or even a corporate social network. In short, put strategies in place to increase team spirit and improve corporate culture so that your employees feel they belong and are valued on their team. 

It is not always easy to keep employees engaged on your team and in your company. Take it step by step to create a climate of trust. If you want to increase collaboration at your company, try Beekast!