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A week with Beekast: how to increase your daily productivity

To be productive at work these days, people need to be more organized than ever. Highly engaged teams are not only more productive but also 21% more profitable, and that all comes down to cooperation. 

This is why collaborative tools such as Beekast have become a “must-have” for every professional. The real challenge now is consistency: only by using this type of tool on a regular basis can we really become more productive. 

In this article, discover 3 ways to collaborate more efficiently together and boost productivity at work with Beekast.

I) Develop a routine

To gain efficiency quickly, routines are your secret weapon! They help you establish a regular follow-up of actions while avoiding spending too much time on the same task. 

The Beekast tip 

Thanks to Beekast’s session templates (ready-made Beekast sessions with activities you just have to launch), it is easy to establish team rituals by implementing weekly and/or daily meetings. Collaborative work has never been easier!

In your schedule

Start the week off right by hosting a weekly meeting every Monday. This operational meeting allows everyone on your team to have the right level of information and to focus on the actions to be carried out.

Then, implement daily morning meetings from Tuesday to Friday. In under 15 minutes, get in sync with the members of your team, provide mutual support and discuss changes and sticking points. 

II) Engage your team on a daily basis

An engaged employee is a motivated and loyal employee. In a hybrid context, it is therefore essential to build a collaborative company culture by rethinking the way we work together on a daily basis. 

The Beekast tip 

Use Beekast to encourage interaction and participation from your colleagues. Whether in person or remotely, the tool allows everyone to contribute and make decisions quickly and easily

In your agenda

Create recurring exchanges between different departments thanks to the “All Hands Meeting”. Each week, a manager presents their team’s key projects and successes to the rest of the company. This is an ideal way to give regular visibility to employees and facilitate cross-departmental interactions!

To be more effective, teams need to be able to make immediate decisions and work in an agile way to achieve their goals. Use Beekast’s “Actions/Decisions” feature to turn decisions made in a meeting into an action plan. In just a few clicks, you can easily build a strategy and ensure its success with tracking indicators. 

III) Optimize processes

Collaboration tools now play an important role in automating certain tasks and thus optimizing processes. 

The Beekast tip 

Enhance the value of your employees with a solution that allows them to easily exchange with each other, organize their actions and save time by adapting to any work model (in-person, remote, hybrid mode).

In your agenda

Implement weekly training sessions to engage your teams and make them more efficient. Every day, share a very quick training course to start the day. This “micro-learning” format is ideal for getting your teams up to speed on the product, for example, regardless of location or time.

At the end of each project, consider conducting a retrospective session. This meeting format allows for continuous improvement of processes but also smoother collaboration between different teams. By generating a report at the end of the session, you can easily share a summary of the exchanges with the rest of your colleagues.

A meeting, a presentation, a Beekast session!

Becoming more productive each day has never been easier with Beekast. By taking the time to implement these best practices, you will quickly see your efforts pay off through time saved and an increase in productivity and engagement. 

After all, many professionals have tested and adopted this new way of collaborating on a daily basis, such as Etienne Berling, Project Manager/Change Management at La Caisse des Dépôts, who explains, “Not a day goes by without us using several Beekast sessions here at La Caisse des Dépôts.”