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Leading an efficient weekly meeting with Beekast

To ensure productive and engaging weekly meetings that keep team members updated on progress and address challenges, it is crucial to incorporate interactive tools that facilitate seamless communication.

As hybrid work models continue to gain popularity, tracking individual progress has become increasingly complex. In order to effectively navigate this hybrid context, managers must master the art of centralizing information and making it easily accessible to the entire team.

Leveraging the powerful capabilities of Beekast, conducting autonomous meetings becomes effortless. Our platform offers a range of inspiring templates, including a dedicated session template for your weekly updates, eliminating the need for repetitive meeting preparation. With Beekast, you can save valuable time and streamline the meeting process, ensuring a more efficient and productive collaboration experience.

A Beekast session template to effectively facilitate your weekly meeting:

Streamline the organization of your weekly meetings with Beekast’s convenient asynchronous session template, designed specifically for a smooth start to each week. This template allows every team member to input their completed tasks and upcoming actions before the meeting, providing you with comprehensive visibility into their progress.

By leveraging this session template, you can ensure that your team members kickstart their week on the right foot, armed with a clear overview of their responsibilities and objectives. If you prefer conducting in-person meetings, Beekast offers a projection mode that limits computer usage, enabling full focus and engagement from your team during these crucial gatherings.

When implementing this new meeting format for the first time, we suggest taking a moment to explain the meeting’s objectives and its intended flow. As you continue with subsequent meetings, there is no need to repetitively review the agenda, saving valuable time and allowing for a more streamlined and efficient discussion.

Kickstart your meetings on a positive note with an engaging icebreaker: “Emoji Gauge”. Here, participants can share their thoughts and feelings regarding the past week. This template sets the stage for collaboration and fosters a relaxed atmosphere, promoting creativity and facilitating smoother interactions among team members.

To effectively assess and discuss the previous week’s progress, the “board” activity within Beekast provides a valuable platform for your collaborators to openly express their accomplishments, upcoming plans, and any challenges they may have encountered.

The versatility of the “board” activity allows for a clear and organized representation of information, ensuring that important details are effectively communicated and facilitating productive discussions that lead to actionable outcomes. A voting session can also be scheduled if one of your colleagues is unsure about how to approach a task.

Wrap up your meetings on a heartfelt note by utilizing the “Say It with Flowers” template, specially designed to express gratitude and appreciation towards your teams for their efforts throughout the previous week. This thoughtful activity serves as a meaningful gesture, demonstrating that their hard work is recognized and valued.

This act of recognition can significantly impact team morale, motivating individuals to continue striving for excellence and reach even greater heights. By taking the time to acknowledge and appreciate your team’s efforts, you foster a positive and supportive work environment that encourages ongoing dedication and fosters a sense of collective accomplishment.

Beekast also offers the Actions/Decisions feature, where you can plan and assign all the actions for your colleagues. At the end of the meeting, generate a session report that summarizes all the discussions, the outcome of the activities, as well as the actions and decisions made during your meeting.

You can also send the session’s action plan to your team members via email, so they have a record of the implemented actions and decisions. To ensure the follow-up of these actions, Beekast provides deadline reminders that are sent via email to collaborators, allowing them to update their progress before the next team meeting.

Furthermore, if you wish to conduct your weekly meetings in a shorter format, in less than 30 minutes, know that Beekast also provides a “Weekly Meeting” session template that you can customize according to your needs!

By leveraging the dynamic Beekast session and its captivating activities, you can establish a team ritual that brings together engagement and motivation. As a result, your weekly meetings will become highly productive and efficient, empowering your colleagues to better organize themselves and successfully complete their tasks.

With Beekast, you gain the ability to track the progress of each team member and provide them with valuable information to help them advance in their assignments. This enhanced visibility allows you to offer targeted support and guidance, ensuring that everyone stays on track and achieves their objectives.

In addition to the “Weekly Meeting” session template, Beekast offers a wide range of other inspiring templates and session models for all your professional events. To easily import the “Weekly Meeting” session template, simply use the provided import code: bvg331


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