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Beekast launches its new interactive “Association” activity for engaging and memorable training

We are pleased to announce the release of our brand new “Association” activity: an engaging and interactive way to reinforce learners’ knowledge and memory! Whether you are a trainer, teacher, or facilitator, this activity will revolutionize your teaching approach by providing a fun way to enhance learning. 

How does it work? 

The “Association” activity (also called “matching”) allows you to create interactive quizzes where learners have to match items together. For example, you can provide a question such as “Match the countries with their capitals” and the corresponding items such as “Belgium” and “Brussels“. Learners must then connect the correct items to answer the question. This activity allows for matching pictures, text, or both, and can be used in many ways to enhance learning.

Why you’ll love this activity:

Engage your learners: Interactive activities are more engaging for learners than static presentations. In fact, the more relevant and fun your activities are, the more likely learners are to pay attention to the content.

Help learners memorize: Picture and text matching activities can help learners remember information more easily. By connecting concepts to each other, participants can better understand the information and remember it for longer amounts of time. 

Encourage creativity: By using pictures, words or both, facilitators/participants can be encouraged to be more creative in their approach to learning. This can stimulate their imagination and allow them to think in more original ways. 

Renew training formats: We’ve added the Association to Beekast’s already wide range of activities so that you can offer diverse activities to stimulate learner engagement and meet specific training needs!

Some examples to inspire you!

The association activity can be used in many different ways. Below are some concrete ways you can use the activity with your participants.

Onboarding: test new employees in a fun way to help them get familiar with the company’s processes, policies, and products.

3 examples you could try: 

  • Match products to features
  • Match processes to corresponding departments
  • Match product features to their description

Learning a concept: the activity can help learners understand a complex concept by linking images and text to definitions.

3 examples you could try:  

  • Match these body parts to their corresponding names
  • Match artists to their famous works of art
  • Match countries to their national flag

Icebreaker: Why not turn your round table into a game? Use the Association to gamify the beginning of your meetings and allow participants to learn from each other.

3 examples you could try: 

  • Match participants’ names to their hobbies or interests
  • Match participants’ names to their corresponding anecdotes
  • Match participants’ names to their favorite foods

Learning a new language: a powerful learning exercise to help learn new words and phrases in a foreign language.

3 examples you could try: 

  • Match these English words to their French translations 
  • Match common phrases to corresponding situations
  • Match Spanish verbs to their correct conjugation

Safety Awareness: This activity can be used to raise safety awareness by helping employees identify potential hazards and risks in the workplace.

3 examples you could try:

  • Match safety equipment to functions
  • Associate hazardous situations with corresponding preventive measures
  • Associate risks with consequences

With Beekast’s Association activity, training becomes more interactive and effective! Linking concepts and images encourages learners to be more creative, engaged, and focused.

To learn more about this new activity, visit our support article.