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They energize their meetings with Beekast

Beekast is a simple and intelligent web and mobile solution which will make your events and training sessions more productive and interactive.

Participants access Beekast directly from their smartphone to take part in in activities initiated by the presenter and to share their opinions collaboratively.

How it works

1. Create your event

2. Facilitate interaction in real time

3. Project the results

Specific uses

For your meetings

We believe that meetings should be collaborative and effective. Beekast provides you with simple tools to effectively facilitate, prepare and organize your meetings. You will save time. Prepare the next steps and your team will work in close collaboration on the project.

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For your events

Your events should leave a lasting impression. Access practical information, provide interactive fun tools as well as networking tools and engage your audience throughout your event to make it a unique and unforgettable experience.

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For your training sessions

No more incredibly impersonal lectures. Thanks to Beekast, dialogue with your students, assess them instantly, and reinvent learning by making it more interactive and immersive. Gather the reactions, responses and stumbling blocks of your students in real time and provide them with what they need to succeed.

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Be Productive, Be Fun, Beekast

20% time saved

With Beekast your meetings have become more productive, shorter and less frequent. Why not dedicate the time you save on other lucrative or fun activities.

30% greater attention

Engage and capture your audience. Your messages will be better understood and better remembered.

10 X more questions

Don't leave your audience or your students confused, help them ask their questions, and emphasize interaction without interrupting your presentations.

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