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It’s time to boost productivity by going hybrid!

Flexible and intuitive, Hybrid Beekast is the missing link in your Digital Workplace. It enables collaborative hybrid working in your meetings, training sessions, and events.

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Compatible with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet and many more

1Eliminates space and time constraints

Whether it’s at the office, remote, or in a hybrid environment, the platform allows you to collaborate efficiently no matter what. Live or recorded, manage your schedule with a new-found flexibility.

2Works in every meeting context

Whatever the size of the team and its objectives: meetings, training, workshops/seminars, or events, the platform structures these moments to make them seamless and efficient.

3Requires no expertise

Highly intuitive, users can master the platform in under an hour. Ready-to-use meeting templates guide the facilitator.

4Features the most comprehensive platform on the market

13 interactive activities, multiple variations (icebreaker, ideation, prioritization, survey, MCQ, voting, etc) accelerate decision-making and help establish an action plan.

Nenad Cetkovic
Nenad Cetkovic
CEO - Beekast

We’ll never work the same way ever again!

To embrace this hybrid working model, teams and managers need to have simple digital tools that make it easy to collaborate and communicate.

Hybrid Beekast completes their OfficeSuite, improves digital workplaces, and boosts team efficiency and productivity, a top priority for both senior management and HR as companies return to office life.

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