Engage your co-workers with a fun and relevant business seminar facilitation

The facilitation of your business seminar is a key moment. This is both an opportunity to take stock of the past months but also to communicate important messages to your co-workers, and create a perfect and collective understanding of the vision. Every year, you have to create new techniques to grab your collaborators attention and engage them to take another step with them. Beekast helps you to manage your seminars differently and to create interaction with games and facilitation.

Here are some prerequisites that will help you better understand how to make your business seminar facilitation fun and interactive with Beekast. And above all, you will practice seminar management case studies.


Beekast is free up to 3 participants

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Agile and productive seminar facilitation to engage your co-workers

Commitment of your members: your participants must be concerned about your speech to be attentive and involved. It’s very simple with Beekast and its fun and interactive activities. Collect your members feedback with the Survey activity and get their feelings on the last months spent in the company. The fun and visual word Cloud activity also helps you to collect their present frame of mind.

Interaction with the audience: whatever the size of your audience, interaction with all of them is quite possible. The feature “wall of message” allows everyone to contribute or ask a question at any time during your seminar. It’s up to you to moderate this Social Wall and to make timely comments.

Fun: your team will be inspired by the facilitation of your business seminar. Beekast offers fun activities during your seminar so that your audience will have fun and be entertained while being productive. Start your Challenge activity during your plenary session and set a positive mood for your team building.

Intuitive: Beekast is a seminar facilitation tool perfectly accessible to any participant. Intuitive and easy to use, the solution is available via smartphones and will make your teams comfortable with digital tools.

Evaluate your ROI: analyze your team commitment thanks to Beekast. Collect their expectations before your business seminar, and end your plenary session with a satisfaction survey. You will get a number of relevant metrics useful to measure your ROI very quickly.

Creating a fun seminar facilitation with Beekast?


Organize your seminar facilitation

Determine the goals of your business seminar and the key message to communicate. Organize your seminar with your teams to engage them. Send the Beekast Form, it’s quick and easy, and collect their expectations. Share your session to make useful information and resources available to them.


Manage your seminar business

Create interaction thanks to the Quiz, grab attention with the Ranking, create a sense of belonging with the Rating. Or you can encourage enthousiasme with the word cloud, entertain your audience with the fun Challenge activity. Engage your teams throughout your seminar with the wall of message.


At the end of your seminar

It’s the end and you want to leave a memory to your teams. Start the fun and collaborative Selfie wall. Your members instantly take part in the activity and a mosaic of selfies appears on the screen of your room. A beautiful memory of this moment of collaboration that you can highlight in your office the next day.