Ensure skill improvement

With (inter)active teaching

Innovate with dynamic and digital training sessions

A training methodology matching new corporate and trainees needs, remotely or face-to-face. Turn your sessions into a forum where every trainee helps each other and participates to increase learning. Efficient and fun!

Evaluate differently

Use team challenges or multiple choice questions to assess your trainees’ understanding of your material. Use digital activities to test and easily export their results.

Enhance your sessions

Use digital feedback, tests results, participation rate and more statistics to help make your training sessions even more engaging.

A focused trainee
= a trainee who applies

Professional training isn’t only about learning, but also about applying these new concepts daily basis. Nothing like implementations with Beekast to do so!

10X more questions

Don't leave your audience or your students confused, help them ask their questions, and emphasize interaction without interrupting your presentations.

90% of our trainers

Feel that Beekast enables them to make their courses to meet the level of their students.

96% of our professors

Feel that Beekast enables them to increase the attention span and concentration of their students.

How it works?

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Step 2

Import your slides and add as many activities as you need

Step 3

Invite your participants and start your dynamic presentation



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Project Assistant - Sodexo Management Institute

« We have been using beekast for about a year now for our top management team, for both their training sessions and seminars. It is a very simple and reactive digital tool that creates a bond between participants and helps us stimulate interactivity during sessions. The social wall and the other activities (poll, quiz, selfie wall...) are very popular amongst out participants. »

Laurent Blassin

Product Marketing Manager - Google

« Our collaboration with Beekast began about 6 months ago. I felt a strong desire to innovate, which is something that occurs when a product is constantly evolving. Beekast is now fully integrated into our strategy and our events, and the proposed solution has become indispensable for interacting with our audience. »

Laetitia Tereygeol

Head of Marketing and Communication - Cinaps

« We have been using Beekast for several months, to present during meetings or training sessions. The solution was much appreciated every time and makes audience engagement easy. Its simplicity, its fun aspect and all its functionalities make Beekast a very complete solution. For a professional trainer, it is an intuitive tool with quite a lot of features (brainstorming, quiz, poll...) that really make sense when it comes to teaching. When used remotely, Beekast helps save time and sharing ideas (brainstorming) and thus to maintain creativity. »

Virginie Jaulin

Associate Director - Tips n' Learn

« From the trainee's perspective Beekast makes the magic happen (but it is much simpler than magic)! Within minutes, beekasters know how to use the app and start collaborating and learning ! #TrueFanOfBeekast »

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