Beekast opens up new learning opportunities.

Beekast places interaction at the heart of the learning experience by facilitating the retention of messages conveyed and by collecting students' questions in real-time.

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Assess differently

Knowledge tests, interactive quizzes...check to confirm the understanding and knowledge of your participants.

Encourage your participants to speak up.

Make your training session a place to exchange ideas and to dialogue, an experience enriched by everyone's participation, an effective and fun session.

Centralize your documents

All your training supports are available on a dedicated and secure space, and are accessible to participants and presenters.

Improve your training sessions.

Satisfaction surveys, test results, participation rates...many modules enabling you to tailor the format of you training sessions to make them even more interesting.

Interactive training sessions

10 X more questions

Don't leave your audience or your students confused, help them ask their questions, and emphasize interaction without interrupting your presentations.

90% of our trainers

Feel that Beekast enables them to tailor their courses to the meet levels of their students.

96% of our professors

Feel that Beekast enables them to increase the attention span and concentration of their students.

They liked Beekast

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For your meetings

We believe that meetings should be collaborative and effective. Beekast provides you with easy to use tools to effectively facilitate, prepare and organize your meetings. You will save time. Prepare the next steps and your team will work in close collaboration on the project.

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For your events

Your events should leave a lasting impression. Access practical information, provide interactive fun tools as well as networking tools and engage your audience throughout your event to make it a unique and unforgettable experience.

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