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Training webinars

We regularly organize free webinars to train you on Beekast. Contact us to register for the next session.

On-site assistance

Do you need an expert on the day of your event? We can help. One of our experts will come on the day of your event to assist you with your on-site tests, or to facilitate the running of your event via Beekast. Attention: not available with the free offer.

Email support

You cannot make the solution work, or you cannot find an answer to your questions at the help center. Contact our technical support at: support@beekast.com

Help center

Are you looking for information on our solution? Consider consulting our knowledge base.

Help center

Telephone support

When you register, we will send you the support telephone number. Attention: Not available with the free offer.

Assistance by live chat

You can chat live with the technical support team regarding all your questions. Attention: not available with the free offer.

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