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The standard Beekast features are free for up to 30 participants per session!


Take advantage of the exclusive Beekast features. Go ahead, it's free!

0€ / month

Message wall (with moderation)

Your participants can
share their opinions
on Beekast. Option
of moderating and projecting


Word cloud



Projection mode

A window with a format
adapted for projection
on a large screen

Upload limited to 5 Megabytes per file.

Email support

Technical support exclusively
by email.
For technical support
by telephone or
on-site assistance,
you must subscribe
to our PREMIUM offer.

Up to 30 participants

A maximum
of 30 participants can
log into your session.
To increase this limit
you must subscribe to
our PREMIUM offer.


Add additional features and take your meetings, events and training sessions to the next level!


All that you love about the free version of Beekast

Unlimited number of participants

SMS compatibility

We will assign you a
dedicated SMS number so that
your participants can
participate via SMS.

Multi-Room Event

If your event
includes multiple rooms,
you can manage multiple
rooms at the same time
from the same account and
your participants
can choose the room
where they are located.

Customization (session code, logo, colors...)

Choose your own
session code, insert your
logo and choose
your colors.

Unlimited storage

Assistance by chat, telephone or online.

And much more

Every event is different, as is every business and every team, so contact us and we will provide you with the Premium solution most suited to your needs.

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