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Efficiency and simplicity, anywhere.

Save time, enhance engagement and creativity

Build your meeting with your colleagues, gather your work documents at the same place and simplify the debriefing! Brainstorming, polls, notation, Prioritization... We developed a pool of simple activities to make you meetings more collaborative and efficient.

Work together from anywhere

Anyone can take the stage and take part in the meeting remotely or face to face, with no connection issue. Your conference-calls are now more interactive and productive!

Measure your progress

Get valuable insight about your meetings, their content and your productivity to identify your areas of progress and enhance coming meetings.

More engagement
= more motivation

Create motivating, challenging and productive meetings. Offer various activities depending on your goals with only simplicity and efficiency in mind.

20% time saved

With Beekast your meetings become more productive, shorter and less frequent. Dedicate the time saved on other high value activities.

10X more contributions

Beekast encourages your users to participate, share and to be active. Results: more ideas generated and an increased retention of the content presented.

30% greater attention

Engage and capture your audience. Your messages will be better understood and better remembered.

How it works?

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Stéphane Nasser

Operations Manager - Microsoft Accelerator

« I use Beekast for any important meeting I organize. With Beekast I can easily present and lead workshops. The app is ideal to gather everyone’s presentation and avoid the well-known “sorry I forgot my USB key does anyone have one?”. I can sound out the room to pass important decisions and the debrief is much easier! Beekast basically makes digital collaboration possible. »


CEO - Silex

« Beekast is the best solution for my team meetings. I can turn these weekly meetings into motivation meetings: at Silex, culture is at the heart of our company. So we started using Beekast: whether it is for a weekly meeting or an important client meeting, we want to make sure everyone can talk freely and is having a good time. The little plus we like: the export function to exports numbers and results easily. »


Founder - Skincar

« I spend 90% of my time in meetings so when I heard of Beekast I gave it a try and it was love at first sight! It help us gain both time and productivity. We share our opinions and use simple activities to facilitate communication. If there’s any question on the social wall we answer them asap, sometimes after the meeting. Beekast keeps us flexible and fast during meetings. »

Antoine Peyssonnel

Chief Operating Officer -

« We use Beekast to gather our presentation supports and our debriefs, but also and above all to brainstorm: no need for pens, paper or scotch and no more falling post-its. Everything happens online through Beekast and it is better this way! Results are saved and our team is more creative than ever. »

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