At Beekast, we love meetings. We love them so much that we have decided to reduce the number of meetings and maximize their productivity. Yes, yes, we are telling you that we love meetings, but especially when they are useful and fun. We believe that it is possible to arrive with a smile on your face and leave with clearly defined action plans that can be implemented quickly in the future. We also believe that a meeting must be carefully prepared right down to the last detail and must integrate interactive content to avoid the risk of losing the attention of participants, or even worse, wasting their time. Finally, we believe that personal feedback and smart statistics are what make it truly possible to improve the way we get together to bring about change and get things done. That is why at Beekast we develop innovative and intuitive solutions to transform meetings into ultra-productive moments of exchange. Even better, into fun and collaborative work sessions. We spend all our time thinking about the best ways to help you benefit from our product, and we love doing it!

Positions available

We are seeking talented and motivated individuals for permanent positions. Do not hesitate to send us your CV, a covering letter, a video, an idea or even a question. We will carefully review each email received and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We are currently looking for candidates for the following departments (Paris and Nantes):
- Sales
- Marketing
- Growth Hacking
- IT
- R&D
- Creation

Why join us?

Because we are passionate about what we do and we are super nice. Isn't that enough? Well OK...

Because we are one of the most promising and innovative startups in France (and we weren't the ones to say this, although we agree);

because we want to completely rethink the way of conducting meetings, of organizing events or delivering courses;

because at Beekast everyone is committed to contribution, empowerment and the opportunity to make their job a unique and enriching experience;

because each day is different from the one before;

because, in addition to being nice, we are very ambitious;

because working at Beekast means adhering to a simple philosophy: work + innovation = motivation.

And, in case this isn't enough, we have many little extras to make your days fun and stimulating. Check below. We bet you will like them...

For any job applications, simply send us an email to à [email protected] preferably along with a link to your linkedIn profile or your CV.

Our Little Extras


Cafeteria or Restaurant Vouchers, so you can eat well.

Nerf Wars

You will be given a Nerf gun upon your arrival for impromptu battles.


Organization of hackathons to unleash your creativity and come up with innovative ideas while enjoying all-you-can-eat pizza.

Health plan

We have a 100% coverage health plan at Beekast (50% in other companies).

Ping Pong

There is nothing like a game of Ping Pong to help you unwind with your colleagues.


Can you challenge our reigning champion Said?


Go-karting, Escape Games...activities throughout the year for solid teambuilding.


Participate in Meetups, network and keep abreast of what is being done elsewhere.


A fridge full of unlimited beverages

For any job applications, simply send us an email to à [email protected] preferably along with a link to your linkedIn profile or your CV.


Contact us

We will reply within 24 hours.

You can also contact us at +33 1 86 95 76 88 or at [email protected]