Engage your audience and make your event unique

Create interactions among participants, get their feedback, make your presentations more relevant, ensure that your events leave a lasting impression.

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Interaction and animated activities

Collect the questions and reactions of participants, then display them live on a message wall. Use voting, quizzes and word clouds to test the knowledge of your participants or to enagage your audience.


Individual profile, list of participants present, private messaging... facilitate encounters between your participants.

Your event guide

Post all the information your participants require: program, practical information, list of speakers, list of partners, list of sponsors, list of exhibitors...


Analyze engagement at your event using relevant metrics and accurately measure its ROI.

Great events

10X more exchanges.

Beekast puts interaction at the center of your event, resulting in rich and stimulating exchanges among your participants and organizers.

30% greater attention

Engage and capture your audience. Your messages will be better understood and better remembered.

100% Progress

Analyze the post-event statistics to make the next event an even greater success.

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For your meetings

We believe that meetings should be collaborative and effective. Beekast provides you with easy to use tools to effectively facilitate, prepare and organize your meetings. You will save time. Prepare the next steps and your team will work in close collaboration on the project.

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For your training sessions

No more incredibly impersonal lectures. Thanks to Beekast, dialogue with your students, assess them instantly, and reinvent learning by making it more interactive and immersive. Gather the reactions, responses and stumbling blocks of your students in real time and provide them with what they need to succeed.

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