(Inter)active and digital teaching

A new experience to serve learning

Make sure even your shiest students take the floor

We only retain about 20% of what we listen to (when we listen...). We retain more than 80% of what we experiment! Engage your students with Beekast to maximize learning (even for those who don’t dare to raise their hand)!

Create a new learning experience to captivate your students’ attention

Start a new topic with a quiz to evaluate your students’ initial knowledge, sound out the class to start debates or try collaborative thinking with our brainstorming. An infinity of possibilities to maintain their attention at its best level.

A better participation = A better memorization

Active students learn better. Don’t change your habits, just give life to your lessons by adding simple and awfully efficient activities!

10X more questions

Don't leave your students confused, help them ask their questions, and emphasize interaction without interrupting your lesson.

30% more attention

Engage and capture your audience. Your messages will be better understood and better remembered.

100% Improvement

Analyze the post-class statistics to make the next lesson an even greater success.

How it works?

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Create a free session

Step 2

Import your slides and add as many activities as you need

Step 3

Invite students and start your dynamic presentation



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Educational Manager - Jules Verne College

« Beekast is terribly efficient and promised to a bright future! It is both a presentation support and an interactive tool, we should have thought of this before! Every student has a smartphone, we just needed a tool to enable them interact with their teacher and make sure everybody participate in the class. From the professor’s point of view, it really is easy: no download nor installation, no additional work to change one’s class material, no long students list subscription… Just start using the various activities (and there are quite a few!) to turn your lessons into real moment of social learning. Beekast makes you feel peppy! »

Pascal DEBU

Physics Professor - EPF

« I am extremely satisfied with Beekast. It helped me give truly participative and dynamic classes. My students asked for more lessons using this app. Activities are both educational and fun, plus additional sections allow files and information sharing, like videos, articles or even a link to a specific website. Even the shiest students asked all their questions, it was perfect. »

Jérôme Perez

Professor and Astrophysicist - ENSTA

« What I like about Beekast is how available, open-minded their team is, as well as the quality and the potential of the product. The variety of use-cases also is a strong-point: I use Beekast to evaluate my students, share documents with them and give interactive lessons ! It is just the perfect toolbox for any teacher: both complete and flexible! »

François Jourde

Philosophy Teacher - EEB1

« Exquisite classes with my students and Beekast’s complicity. I gave a tablet per group of students and they took part in easy-to-set-up activities about physolsophy, in a studious hubbub. Students are truly engaged and learning. Beekast is a very precious tool in active teaching methodology to get the student’s attention and build complexe reflexions together. »

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