TOTAL case study

Annual Meeting


R&D service at Total Holding organized its annual meeting to present their innovations and their 2020 plan as well as follow up on current projects.


Total wanted to easily share all relevant pieces of information (location, agenda, introduce speakers…). They also asked us an intuitive way to engage participants get their feedback.


Total used the social wall, the poll, the wordle, the selfie wall and the form.

The master of ceremony started with a digital ice-breaker and proposed several polls to get feedback and to challenge guests. He also used the word cloud to identify trends amongst 300 persons.

They collected selfies during breaks and displayed the mosaic at the end of the seminar. The took the opportunity to get feedback via our digital form (it was left open during a fex days to get more replies).


13 activities
195 questions collected on the social wall
930 likes on the social wall
1,2 words sent per participant
50% participation rate (feedback form)
5/5 client feedback (both the app and the service)

Total appreciated our ability to gather several uses in one web-app (asking questions, accessing information and participating).

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