Beekast - Google case study

Digital Inspiration Event


Once every three months, Google Paris organizes an exciting event: Digital Inspiration. Clients and prospects are invited so they can be introduced to innovations, good practices, and above all, to help them to optimize their use of Google services. The event, which takes place over an entire morning, is divided into two distinct modules: Google presentation sessions, then workshops where participants are placed in small work groups under the supervision of Google coaches.

Google's goal is to be at the forefront of innovation in all its activities. However, the Google Paris organizers felt that the presentations, workshops and events were not interactive enough. Therefore, an interactive dimension needed to be added.


During presentations: allow participants to ask all their questions, facilitate collaboration on specialized subjects and reinforce the collaborative aspect of presentations.

During the Workshop: give instant and fun quizzes to test the knowledge of participants while reinforcing the enjoyable aspect of group work.


The QUESTIONS/ANSWERS, VOTES, QUIZ and WORD CLOUD features have been used during each Digital inspiration event for more than a year now.

During presentations, participants ask their questions using the QUESTIONS/ANSWERS and take advantage of their collective intelligence using the WORD CLOUD.

During workshops, Google facilitators use VOTES and QUIZZES to test the knowledge of participants and inspire a veritable ping pong of collaborative ideas.


105 participants in the most recent Digital inspiration event.
99% of the participants used Beekast.
95% completed all the quizzes.
157 responses to the questions asked during the presentations.
44 messages sent during the presentations.
97 words sent on the word cloud.
90% of participants were interested in the Google advertising after the event (that is +33% compared to before the event)