The problem solving activity

Massive idea generator

Non-sticky post-its, endless material checklists, too-old pens that don’t work anymore… These are over. Make space for digital efficiency. Collect hundreds of ideas in minutes and arrange them. Simply export them and send the results via mail!

A big summary for a big screen

Switch to full-screen mode and get a global and real-time overview. You can use any kind of screen: video projector to wide screen. You will get a refined presentation of all the ideas you generated.

Moderation and arrangement

Gathers ideas in columns (just like a KANBAN or a Trello tab). Reject, reformulate, re-arrange or just display the most relevant ideas. It’s just drag&drop!

Automatic sorting

Choose to sort ideas by date or like! If you choose to sort them by like, you’ll display the most popular ideas on top of others.