Beekast – Pierre Fabre case study

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Pierre Fabre is a major pharmaceutical laboratory based in France. For the second year, they chose Beekast to engage their audience and revitalize their annual global convention.


The event planning manager wanted to enhance the collaborator’s engagement during the convention (during seminars and workshops). The global team only meets once a year and the manager wanted their reunion to be participative and collaborative.


A dedicated digital project consultant from Beekast helped imagine and implement the plan with the users. Together, they created a digital journey that was consistent with the content of the various topics.

Pierre Fabre use the social wall, the poll, the tag-cloud, the form, the brainstorming and the selfie wall.

During conferences: Guests could ask all their questions during the presentations thanks to the social wall. So that they don’t get bored, speakers also used wordless and poll (in challenge mode) to test the audience and check whether they were actively listening or not.

During workshops: Participants were asked to use the brainstorm to gather questions regarding different topics so that conference of day 2 would answer at least part of them. They also used the form to avoid losing time with paper and pens.

At the end of the convention, they used the selfie wall activity to keep a souvenir!

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