Beekast – EPF case study

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The EPF is a Graduate School of Engineering. EPF, which has a strong reputation as an innovator in the area of French pedagogy, uses Beekast regularly in-house for meetings of its teaching staff. In this way, discussions are facilitated during meetings where some of the participants are not physically present.

Beekast seemed to be the obvious solution for certain professors who wanted to make their classes more dynamic and motivating for their students.


Mr. Debu, a Physics professor, wanted to make his lecture hall classes more interactive and encourage his students to master the content by asking questions.

So he decided to use the Beekast solution during his Thermodynamics class in a lecture hall in Sceaux, in front of about one hundred students. His goal was to break up the monotony of very long sessions (3 hours) in order to hold his students’ attention.


The Vote feature was the perfect solution: by interspersing quizzes throughout the class, more than 70% of the students in the lecture hall became actively involved. Approval was immediate, so much so, that students called for more in subsequent sessions.

The Message wall function made it possible to collect the students’ questions.

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    Participation rate

    70 %